Friday, October 30, 2009

Children's Place Halloween Carnival

Angelina's school will have a Halloween carnival today. They will have a parade around the school campus with their Halloween costumes.

Since it's freezing cold outside and Angelina won't stop eating her candies when she got it, I decided not to take her to the said affair.

Her classmate also will have a halloween party in their house tomorrow and Angelina's invited. I refused the invitation from the child's Mom in a nice way. I even said thank you to her for inviting us. It's just me, I don't feel like joining a party when I'm not comfortable with the people around.

Also, another Filipina friend will have a Halloween party in their abode but I already commit myself to another friend to join our church Fall Festivity. It's an indoor activities for kids. yeah, candies will be all over but need to have a masinsinan talk with my girl before going with regards to candies or else we won't go anywhere on Halloween Day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Misery and Illness Persist in Philippine Typhoons’ Wake

Published: October 25, 2009

MANILA — A month after parts of the Philippines were devastated by successive typhoons, tens of thousands of people remain homeless and more than 150 have been killed by waterborne diseases, officials said.

Dennis M. Sabangan/European Pressphoto Agency

Typhoon victims inside a baseball stadium turned into a temporary evacuation center in Pasig's Rosario district, east of Manila.

Relief workers are particularly concerned about children in evacuation camps in towns and cities in the Manila metropolitan area that remain flooded.

Health officials said there was an outbreak of diseases in both evacuation centers and in flooded communities, particularly a bacterial infection called leptospirosis that had afflicted more than 2,000 residents and killed 157 as of Saturday.

Apart from leptospirosis — which is caused by urine from rats and other mammals — dengue fever, malaria, diarrhea, skin rashes and other illnesses are common. Of the 35,000 people in evacuation centers, more than half suffer from some disease, most commonly acute respiratory illness, according to the Department of Health.

Efforts to relocate survivors have had limited impact because of the refusal of some affected residents — many of them slum dwellers whose shanties were destroyed— to be uprooted from their communities. According to the government, more than 1.2 million residents still live in damaged villages in greater Manila, some of them with waist-high floodwater.

Children are particularly vulnerable, according to Diwa Gacosta, a local representative of World Vision. She said that cramped and unsanitary conditions had caused an increase in these diseases. “The impact of the flood to children’s health is really a problem,” Ms. Gacosta said Sunday.

Last week, Save the Children, another nonprofit group, issued an alert about the situation.

“Children in these storm-affected areas face a host of dangers that pose a threat to their very survival,” said Latha Caleb, the director of Save the Children in the Philippines. “It is critical now to address the lack of sanitation systems and clean water that are resulting in widespread illness and disease.”

Although both the government and the private sector are making an effort, the humanitarian crisis seems to be overwhelming, prompting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to offer prayers last week for those affected by the calamity.

About 70,000 families in the Manila area live in shanties and huts that block waterways, exacerbating problems with drainage and sewer systems. The government no longer allows shanties to be rebuilt along these waterways; the challenge is relocating the residents.

Cities like Pasig, one of the hardest-hit with several neighborhoods still underwater, are under pressure to find ways to house thousands of survivors. Hundreds who sought refuge in a government-owned gymnasium called PhilSports Arena in Pasig were forced to leave without assurances of a viable relocation site.

According to Jon Vincent Marin, a spokesman from Kadamay, a group that advocates for the urban poor, the evacuees were forced to leave after the government stopped giving out food. City officials denied the charge. The evacuees were also given a few hundred pesos, or just a few dollars, on the condition that they leave the gymnasium, Mr. Marin said.

Ms. Arroyo began a program this month called “Back to the Provinces” to encourage people to leave the metropolis. Families are given a small amount to start over in their provinces, where most of Manila’s slum dwellers come from.

Mr. Marin criticized the government’s efforts, saying the relocation sites offer no livelihood opportunities. “Poverty and lack of livelihood are the reasons why these people come to Manila. If the government moves them to another place where they will have nothing to depend on for income, they will be forced to return,” he said.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Angelina's Visit At the Hospital

Our whole family visited my FIL at the rehab type kind of hospital. It was Angelina's 1st time to visit her grandpa since he was confined for almost a month.

"Hi Grandpa, it's Angelina here," she said.

Goodness gracious! Grandpa just opened his eyes as much as he want and smiled.
We all did cried watching my FIL's reaction upon hearing his precious grandchild's voice.

"I missed you, Grandpa and I don't want you to go to heaven yet," her talking.

In the mind of a 4 year old child, means don't die yet since we didn't teach her yet about heaven or hell. All she knows, if a person dies, he/she will go to heaven.

FIL was shaking his head and we concluded maybe that means, he's not going to die, a reassurance for Angelina.

It's hard to tell or to figure it out on FIL's situation. Whatever God's plan for him, we will take it. So far, the doctor didn't say anything about ending his life yet. He's responding slowly and killing is not a solution for the time being.

The church family has been visiting my FIL in a constant basis now that he's in a regular room.

FIL is a fighter and we can tell how hard he fights for his survival. God is good all the time and His love endures forever. It's not our plan but His plan.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Steak House

After visiting my FIL at the rehab that he was being transferred, Hubby and I were in the mood to eat some yummy and juicy steaks that Friday evening.

We looked at each other and agreed to go to Texas Road House by our neighborhood. As we make our reservation, the lady told us that the waiting time will be from an hour to hour and a half. It was 7:20 PM when we arrived the resto. Since we're really craving for a hunk of meat, we went to the waiting area where barrels of peanuts is being served called, "eat as much as you want".

At first we were in a standing position, no benches or chairs available. Finally, after 15 minutes of standing, two couples got called and got up, so we had the chance to sit down.

It's Friday night so, it was a full house venue. As if everyone was in the mood for steaks.

The wait was worth it and we just take our time talking, throwing some jokes and eating roasted peanuts while waiting for our turn to be called.

Indeed, we had a great dinner in my favorite steak house in town.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ang Teleserye "Nagsimula sa Puso"

Kasisimula pa lang ng teleseryeng ito, hndog ng ABS-CBN para sa madla.

Hinahangaan ko ang sumulat sa nobelang ito. Tuloy naalaala ko ang aking karanasan bilang isang guro mga labing-anim na ang nakaraan. Iba man ang sitwasyon nila Celina at Carlo pero kailan man hindi ko rin malimutan ang nakaraan kung saan naging bahagi na ng buhay ko.

Sa gulang na dalawampu't-tatlo, nagsimula akong manilbihan bilang isang guro sa isang pribadong paaralan ng sekondarya. Hindi maipagkaila na medyo mas malaki pa ang mga ilang estudyante kay sa akin. Alam n'yo na may mga bagay na hindi natin inaasahan na sadyang pwedeng mangyari o hindi depende sa ating pagkatao.

Minsan, hindi natin maiwasan na sa araw-araw na humarap at nakikitungo tayo sa mga estudyante na may puso palang nagmamahal.

Kaya, namalayan at nalaman ko na lang na isang estudyante ang nagka-interes sa aking pagkatao. Labimpito siya nuon at nasa ikatlong taon ng hayskol pa lang dahil sa kanyang pagbubulakbol at ipinaubaya siya ng kanyang mga magulang sa kanilang katulong. Masyado kasing abala sa kanilang negosyo ang kanyang mga magulang. Sa totoo lang, matalino siya talaga at katunayan, siya pa nga ang mayor sa kanilang klasrom.

Simple lang talaga ang aking pagkatao pero maprinsipyo sa buhay. Kung ano ang patakaran ko sa loob ng silid-aralan, dapat lang sundin. Tawagin man ako ng aming prinsipal na "disciplinarian" tama talaga siya kung saan nagustuhan naman niya.

Siguro na-challenged 'yong binatilyo sa akin kaya napansin ko ang kanyang kabaitan sa pag-aaral at lagi siyang nagpapaiwan sa loob at gustong makipagkwentuhan. Sa totoo lang, naasiwa talaga ako baka ano na lang ang isipin ng ibang mga estudyante.

Hindi ko naman siya pwedeng ipagtabuyan kasi wala naman siyang ginawang masama.

Isang hapon, uwian na pagkatapos ng "flag retreat" meron kaming ganuon noon.
Kailangan kong maglakad papunta sa paradahan ng trisikel o multicab. Bigla na lang siyang sumulpot sa harapan ko at niyaya niya akong sumakay sa motorsiklo niya. Unang alok, hindi ko siya pinagbigyan at sinabi kong may dadaanan pa ako at salamat na lang.

Mahirap itakwil ang isang estudyante lalo na kapag sabihin na ikaw ang ginawang inspirasyon sa kanyang pag-aaral. Talagang nakita ko/namin ng kanyang kapwa estudyante ang kanyang pagpupursige ng kanyang pag-aaral at sa mga grado niya.

Hindi pwedeng wasakin ang kanyang nasimulan na pagbabago at pagsusumikap. Natural lang talaga sa isang estudyante ang humanga sa kanyang guro. Para sa akin, hindi ko talaga nadama na may pagtingin ako sa kanya...ibig kong sabihin, pagmamahal.

Estudyante lang talaga ang turing ko sa kanya at hindi ko kayang saktan ang kanyang damdamin at baka magkamali na naman siya ng landas. Para sa akin, tulong ang ginawa ko sa kanya para ipagpatuloy ang kanyang simula ng magandang kinabukasan. Alam ko paghanga lang ang lahat at sa kalaunan mawawala din ang sinasabi niyang pagmamahal.

Linggo ng Wika noon at bawat silid ay kailangang may isang presentasyon. Dahil mahusay at maganda ang boses niya sa pag-awit, siya ang itinulak ng kanyang mga kaklase at nag-second the motion naman ako. Hit na hit nuon ang awit na "Binibini" kung saan 'yon ang kanyang inawit kasi kailangang tagalog talaga para sa Linggo ng Wika. Sabi pa naman na ang awit na ito ay para sa inyong lahat lalung-lalo sa aking tagapayo (adviser). Siyempre walang malisya kasi tagapayo, di ba!

Biro mo nagkakakilig ang mga estudyante sa kanya lalo na ang mga nasa ika-apat na taon. Sa katunayan, gwapo, maputi (makinis) matangkad at very neat siyang magdala ng damit lalo na sa kanyang uniporme. Sabihin nating kahawig ni Jericho Gonzales ...medyo moreno lang si Iko.

Tama si Celina ng sabihin niya kay Carlo na huwag mong ibuhos ang lahat ng 'yong pagmamahal sa akin,magtira ka para sa iyo.

Sinabi ko rin 'yan sa estudyante ko noon at dagdag pa sabi ko sa kanya, "paghanga lang 'yon at balang araw malaman mo rin kung ano ang totoong pagmamahal at magmahal."

Galit ang kapatid kong lalaki isang araw inihatid niya ako sa bahay ng aking Manong. Ipinaliwanag ko kay Manong ang lahat at naintindihan naman niya. Hindi pwedeng wasakin ang buhay ng isang taong nagbabago.

Oo, paminsan-minsan sinamahan ko siyang mamasyal at kumain sa labas. Palaging siya ang taya kasi lalaki daw siya.

Naawa talaga ako sa kanya at nahirapan ako sa sitwasyon. Nirespeto talaga niya ang pagkatao ko at doon ako humanga sa kanya. Nanliligaw talaga siya sa akin pero hindi ko siya sinagot. Ang sinabi ko sa kanya hindi pa ang tamang panahon at baka magbago pa ang kanyang isip.

Ang galing sumagot, "Bahala na ug kanus-a ko magpaabot basta ayaw lang pod ko ibusted."
Para sa kanya MU (mutual understanding) kami. Hanggang ganuon lang tlaga. Dapat lang huwag sirain ang kinabukasan ng isang tao na nangangailangan ng inspirasyon.

Ano ang naging wakas, abangan n'yo na lang sa sunod kong pagku-kwento.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Details, Details

Details make a difference.

Prepositions in our language seem like insignificant details, but they can make a big difference. The words "in" and "for" are an example.

The apostle Paul, wrote, "In everything give thanks" (1 Thess. 5:18). That doesn't mean we have to be thankful FOR everything. We need not be thankful FOR the bad choices someone makes, but we can be thankful IN the circumstances because the Lord can use the resulting difficulties for good.

Knowing that God can use all things FOR good is more than enough reason to give thanks IN everything.Giving thanks in difficult circumstances is a small detail that makes a big difference.

Father, thank You that in every trial, challenge, and difficulty, You are behind the scenes working things out FOR our good. Help us to see Your hand in everything.

"God has not promised to keep us from the life's storms, but He will keep us through them."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Week Vacation

I have 6 weeks of vacation to consumed or else they will be gone like a wind.

So, starting tomorrow...I will have my days off from work but not the whole six weeks.

I have some works to do around the house that I have been procrastinating for months. It's good to be true staying with my family during my days off, it's called bonding moments.

Whether we like it or not, there's a very big decision-making that my family has to think for and in fairness, God is in control in everything that we're doing.

Monday, October 5, 2009

To Let Go or Not...It's In God's Hands

My FIL's condition is not getting any better. It's a shocking and painful feeling for the whole family but there's nothing we can do about it. Our life depends from Above.

He's with a life support at this point of time and sooner or later, He will be at peace with our Creator. Only God's miracle can overcome the crisis that he's been going through

FIL is a very active elderly at the age of 83. He can still drive up to Canon City to visit his sister or attend a HS reunion there. He's so independent living in his own single family home. He likes gardening as one of his daily activities. Above all, he likes to be with his grandchild, Angelina most of the time.

About two weeks now, he fell in his garden watering his plants. He called Angelina, who was playing not too far from him. Yeah, Angelina was with him during that day. Well, what can a 4 year old tiny little child can do? I guess, FIL just got up by himself and assumed he's fine.

After three days of his fall, he called home and complained of back ache. BIL and Hubby decided to take him to the hospital.

Sure enoughed, he was confined at St Anthony Hospital closed to our area. He was diagnosed with a very bad case of pneumonia due to fall. His knees got infected and blood pressure was fluctuating. After three days in the hospital, he's body was giving up and was on a life support from then on.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with the physicians and nurses in the ICU, who's attending to my FIL. They explained everything and it's up to the family to give up on FIL's condition. BIL and Hubby was ready but I told them to hold for how many days since I knew someone who survived with the life support for almost three months in the hospital.

The doctor said his piece, stating that he don't have a crystal ball and besides he told me that I was talking to a six year old child compared to an elderly. He got the point though and I truly understand.
They did the best that they could and have FIL in a maximum dose. For sure, he was very, very highly sedated.

So, they come to a conclusion to give FIL another 48 hours and see for any improvements. If for no postive results or outcomes, his life will end at the age of 83.

TO YOU, DAD...I know you are a great fighter and a survivor, so hang in there and we all pray for you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Tired Are You?

Sometimes, we're just like this, right? Soooo, soooo tired with different kind of stuff. But...hey! it's not the end of the world yet. Life must go on, no matter what! Remember, the Lord is our strength? What a mighty God we serve, AMEN!

Cheer up and you're always in the good hand of the Almighty. Just have a beauty rest and think the positive way!