Friday, October 3, 2008

A Busy Friday

Supposedly, my friend from Wyoming will drop by our house since they're here in Denver for some medical reason.I really want to see her but I have a dental appointment again for my Dad.

I was being referred to go to UC of Denver for my Dad's tooth extraction.

I don't know how long would the process be.

Later this afternnon...I have to drive all the way to Fort Collins. Need to drop off something for my friend and at the same time do some sight seeing while the weather is perfect.

First of all, Angelina has to take her morning nap. Pretty soon...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too Bad

I came in this morning to work, turned on the computers then read my mails. One of the mails was from the City. It's kind of a sad email but who's to be blamed? What is it all about? Pretty soon they will start to lay off City employees. The City is cutting of budget due to what happen of our economy.

I would say that a lot of companies are in the process of cutting of workers not just my work place.

It is a sad state of affair but it's the practicality of life in general.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Morning-October 1st

We're chit chatting about our weekend (Moi and co-worker) and suddenly our alarm went off like crazy. We got up from our chairs and I went to the right wing of the building to let our patrons evacuate the building while my co-worker went to the left wing.

My heart goes to the seniors having the Silver Sneakers exercise in the pool. They went outside with just their swim suit on. Take note, they're wet and freezing cold as early as 8:20 AM. Good thing, we have reserved towels for rent so we just let them use just to help them in some way.

Construction still going on in our building. Maybe it's the dust from pounding so hard that triggered the said alarm. Who knows anymore what's going on.

As what Ive heard, they're working really hard to meet the requirements from the Fire Code. The City were given a certain deadline to work on it. To tell you what? I love, America. They're so strict with their rules and regulations. Wish, our country Philippines would be like that too.

Anyway, you all know what's going on with the whole world specially our country America. The question? Are we having a recession or depression? I'm not a psychic but base from the Bible pretty soon we don't have money to withdraw from the ATM machine and this 666 number will come...kind of scary but we don't want that to happen, right?

We need to pray on what's going on around the world. It doesn't affect me since I'm already old but how about the future of our children? We don't want the younger generations to suffer the whole turmoil?

We have to pray hand in hand and who knows God will answer our prayers. I'm sure, He will! Peace my friends and have a good Monday morning.