Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our girl had a Mother's Day party at their school. I promised her to be their just in time. Because of the unwanted traffic, it took me a little bit late.
The toddlers were told to served their
Moms and Angelina had
a plate of food,
juice, and a cake ready for me in the table. She reserved a
chair for me too and according to the source, she kept peeking in the window, hoping that I show up.
When she saw me at the
door, I can see how happy she was to see me. "Thank you, M
ama for coming." Wow! On her tiny mind, I can tell how thoughtful and loving she is. It's a genuine one.
We stayed for a while and munched the food that she gave me. Since, I have to go back to my job, I told her that we have to leave and thank the teachers for a very great prep
The next day, when I dropped off our girl, the teacher called Angelina while I was signing her in in the log book. When I was about to say goodbye to her she handed me like a sun picture and a pot of flower, hand-painted by her.

Glad that I become a Mom and our child makes me someone special in her young heart. To be a Mom is so rewarding. All those cares (pag-aaruga) that we do for our children isworth it.

Thank you, Kujaji for being a great child to the whole family.

Anyway, she asked me what I give to my Mama. Her Lola showed it to her and she said, "Good job, Mama!" I gave her a wink and we both hugged each other.