Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flu Shot...A Must Or What?

I just made an appointment for a flu shot with our Risk and Management Consultant at work.

It's totally free for all the employees and each family members cost $25.00
Not bad at all.

Since our day was very slow at work. We had the chance to talk with my co-employees.
Flu shot was being brought up. Take note, I'm having a conversation with American Gangs.

Anyway, one said that she never had a flu shot since day one she runs her own life.
Even her three children never ever had flu shots and her kids were so healthy. They get sick once in a while but it's quiet normal, according to her.

The other had the same story and two of my co-workers have flu shots every year.

After hearing the pros and cons of getting a flu shot from my co-workers, I called and canceled my's that?

Well, I never do this kind of routine eversince I got her in the promise land. I would say, I have lots and lots of good and bad bacteria in my system. I came from a third world country, as what other people called my beloved country,, my immune system is still capable in fighting out those harmful germs.

One of my mottos in life, "If I die, so be it!" It's just I don't want that live vaccine to get in contact with my whole me.

My FIL got his flu and pneumonia shots just a week ago and he's very sick right now. He's still in the hospital agonizing and looks like a vegetables to me. I didn't say at all that it was a reaction from both vaccines. The doctors were running some test on him.

So, it's up to me and to you whether to get flu shot or not.

I better go and pick up our Angelina at school.

P.S. Ms. Sha, it's at FRCC (Front Range Community College), Westminster Campus - My Alma Mater!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Juror Duty Again

I listened to the recorded voicemail yesterday if my number was included. For sure, I have to report by 8:00 AM at Adams County Court House in Brighton.

I called my Suprevisor to let her know.

It doens't mean that I'm reporting tomorrow that I will be chosen to be one of the jurors. They still have to do some screening or whatever...that I don't know. I will find this out tomorrow.

I still have to report at work and from there, I have to drive all the way to Brighton.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Caring Hands Chiropractic Appointment

My first time ever! This kind of program is been running here at my work place for years and didn't bother at all to try.

Now that I'm not getting any younger, need to do with all those crackings here and there in my skeleton. I've heard feedbacks from our customers and co-workers that Dr. Bill did a great job with regards to this matter.

This kind of body healing is different from regular body massage. I will tell you my story how it goes after I'm done with it. I have a half hour appointment since it's my first time. If ever I continue with his service, it's gonna be 15 minutes for $20.00

Our health insurance will cover to this kind of service but still I saved 5 dollars since our co-pay is always $25.00. Aside from that, I don't have to drive that far and spend some gas in my car.

Gottago...need to take care some stuff here at work. Hey! Enjoy the very beautiful day. Mr. Sunshine is in the great mood to spread the warm weather out here in our area.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is the 1st day of the autumn season. To tell you was snowing in the mountain already and it started yesterday.

I don't want the cold season to come, I'm not ready yet...lolz! But, who am I to control mother nature? Que sierra! sierra! Whatever will be, will be! (Just in the mood here!)

Sometimes, somewhere or one of these days, we will drive in the mountain to see how the color of the leaves changed. It's the best and most awaited part for the Fall season to watched the colorful trees in the mountains. We can see orange, red, yellow and pink colors, I guess.

Definitely, the cold season is on its way, it's time for me to do some sorting out of clothes in our closet for the winter time. It's one of my routines all year round. Life is life, take it or leave it

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ma and Pa's 44th Wedding Anniversary

I surprised them with a simple dinner in celebration of their long and lasting marriage for life.

I'm so thankful from Above for my parents. Being married for 44 years is an achievement and a great milestones, I would say.

To you, Ma and Pa...congratulations and thank you for being so loving, understanding and hardworking parents for us. We knew, you tried your very best for the benefits of your children. We don't have that luxury in life but you teach us and show us how to live life to the fullest.

We, your children like the kind of lifestyle we had when we're growing up. We learned lots and lots about life as we continue to journey in this world. Because of you, we learned how to face life despite of our fear and anticipation in doing something.

In my part, wish I have that kind of marriage that you have, I mean years of togetherness. At this moment of my life, I prepared myself to be ready of what may happen within a year or two. Who knows...everything is in God's mighty hands. I never lost hope though...but if it's meant to be, I'm ready to move on for the next chapter of my life.

I tend to be strong and thinking the positive side of life. God is great for what He do/did in my life.

Once again, Happy 44th wedding anniversary to my humble and best (for me!) parents.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today Is Mexico's Independence Day

How did I know?

One of our regular customers greeted me with a happy smile on his face. He said it's his 16 years anniversary living in USA and he was 23 year old when he left his country.

What's my reaction?
"Congratulations, now I know."

You think all countries celebrating Independence Day? I'm just curious.

One of the many countries that I want to see is Mexico. We almost made it when Angelina was two year old when we were in California for her 2nd birthday. I didn't apply for a passport yet and so with Angelina, only my hubby who has one.

We just want to cross the boarder of Tijuana(spelling?). Hubby heard that in order to get there, we need some sort of passports.

Who knows, sooner or later my wish in traveling to Mexico will be granted...wink!

Anyway, congratulations Mexico for your freedom. I don't know... to whom since my history is limited...lolz!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Those Were The Days

Can you believe how time flies? This picture shows the friendship and love affair moments with the barkadas. Kahit isa wala talagang nagkatuluyan. At present we're all happily married na talaga. Wala manni isa sa larawan na ito ang nagkatuluyan.

Four of us are currently living in the USA and the rest are happy and content living in our very own Phlippines. Opps! One died at the early age, the guy in the white shirt. Blessed his heart for being such a great guy when he was still alive. He's the life of our party and get-together.

Reminiscing the past just makes me happy. Life is good!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Call From Adams County District 12

I was happy to received the call. Our girl is on the waiting list for the preschool program and this afternoon the lady in-charged called me if I'm still interested of the said spot. Of course, it's my pleasure to have our child in the program.

Angelina and I will have a formal interview on Monday and have to bring all the requirements: Two proofs of residency (Water Bill and Excel Energy), Child's Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, and Physical Exam. From all the informations being given to me, I didn't hear from her about any household income proof.

If our girl get accepted, she will be in school for 4 days a week for 2 and a half hours. The director asked me if I am capable to drive or to transport my girl from home to school.
For sure, I don't have any problem about it.

There are 4 school locations that has an opening according to her and it's not that far from where we live. We will see how everything works on Monday.

If our girl get accepted, I have to withdraw her from my work place.

I can't wait for Monday to come.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angelina's 1st Day In School

As she's moving one step at a time, I can see more and more excitement from her.

We tried to enroll her on a regular basis for the Tiny Tots program which is the K-4 class.

Yes, our small but horrible este terrible Angelina is in so much happiness knowing that she can be with friends in school.

I gave her an evening bath so her Dada won't have problem in the morning from feeding, brushing her teeth and changing her clothes. Although, she's so independent in doing all the chores for herself but still she needs an assistance from an adult.

Now that she knows how to change her clothes, she will pick up the clothes that she wants to wear and she has the stool as her helper to reach those clothes hanging on her closet. What can I do, our baby is now officialy a toddler! At this stage, she thinks she's old enough to handle everything, on her own joyous way...wink!

On her first day of the class, she was begging to take with her the "Hello Kitty" backpack, all dressed up with her favorite pinky dress and white sandals.

As soon as they enter their classroom, they have the circle time with a name tag on their chest. Parents were there the first few minutes watching their children on how they interact with the other kiddos. I saw some parents were taking videos and pictures of their children and I'm one of them of talent and my hobby!

Too bad, I didn't stay that long since I have to be back at the front desk, work, work and work attending to our customers's need. Well, they have playtime in the playground, as soon as the flock of toddlers passed in the lobby our Angelina was so proud to point me and told her classmates, "That's my Mom on the phone!" I waved to all the cute toddlers in return.

Watching and raising our Angelina just make us all happy as one family. It was like a dream how she comes into our life. What an unexpected surprise from Him! To God alone be the glory...his words endures forever! I'm just amaze of His mighty power.

Angelina may not be a perfect child in the eyes of the many but for us, she is a perfect GIFT from Him.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Madness

Glad the wedding turned out really great. I was not there the whole time but our representative Angelina was. For sure, the couple had their Honeymoon in Las Vegas right after their wedding. The groom's parents send them to the airport while the bride's children were staying with their grandparents who is our next door neighbor.

Well, I posted on my wall (facebook) that I was hungry already after work and all of a sudden I got a call from a friend stating that she's making some pork soup. I was in a decision making during our conversation because I don't want to upset my Hubby. I called home and told my homebody husbandry that after dropping at Kohl's I will eat lunch in a neighboring friend and promised to be their with our wedding present. He was okay about it and I had a great time eating with our neighboring friends.

After an hour, I guess.. I hurriedly went home and saw all the dressed up people in our next door neighbor's yard. There were some who were in jeans though and I didn't bother at all to changed since I knew I can't stand that long in a crowd of people that I've never seen except for the couple who hosted the said wedding. With a little chitchat with the bride's Dad, I digged out some dirt...just kidding. It's a good dirt, you know?

Every now and then, I had to get out from the fence and came back home and watched TV with my Hubby. Well, Hubby had a prescription pills that needs to be filled. I almost drove to the nearest Walgreens when friends called that they are on their way to pick up some squash. I checked our Angelina again and then be with friends in our own backyard. Wish we did stay longer in our place but were all in a hurry specially me.

Sunday, a friend invited me for a labor day barbecue in a Filipina's abode. Seems like I was not interested at all. I just simply say that I need to stay home with my family.

Well, after attending the Sunday Service, we drove all the way to Broomfield at Heaven's Star Dim Sum Restaurant. What a crowd! Just the parking lot alone, you can tell there's lots and lots of people inside. This place is just brand new maybe months already in business. If yuo know the Heaven's Dragon Restaurant, it's a sister resto with the same owner.

No wonder the place was jumped-packed, the food were excellent and delicious for a Chinese food. I've been to different DimSum restaurant and so far, I'm loving the Heaven's Star the best. If given the chance, we will come back of course.

Anyway, we drove home with our tummy full, thank you, Jesus wa pa jud mi mapasmo...wink!
Same routine, cat nap for my family. While I was watching my show, my phone was ringing. A friend called for a labor day weekend shopping. We talked for a while since it's the weekend and we had unlimited calling...lyf talaga, ano?

After I hanged up, another friend called that they just done eating a big fried Tilapia fish and they had some leftover. I said that we just ate and I'm still full. When she said that she called another friend to come over, I was being motivated to get up from the couch. Their house is not that far from us. Did I just say, I was still full...oh my, I was eating like a pig you know? Just kidding okay? Our bestfriend and appetizer dried fish had his/her presence so who can resist to that? To die for as in.

Oh well, just realized...the mall will closed early during Sundays. So, I gave my friend a call if we can go shopping after I get off from work today, hopefully if my mind wouldn't change for something. Yeah, I do like shopping during the holidays for a very great discount and sales.

I'm still looking forward to to go Colorado Springs though...we will see!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Ma's A Keen Observer

She was asking me if I'm not tired of doing this and that.

I looked at her in the eyes and smiled, "Ma, life in America is always on the go."

You can't just stay in one corner of the house and end up with depression problems.

Well, as a mother, she also keep watching our watch thinking of my whereabouts.

She's not interfering my coming and going but just concern, I guess.

I can relate though now that I'm a mom myself to our one and only Angelina.

I'm trying my best to cope up with everything from home, family, friends, work and church.

My life revolves all those five words I'm talking above.

I remember, back home when I was still single and living in same roof with my parents. I'm still the same person who likes to rock and roll ...lolz!

Well, my parents considered me as one of their black sheep. I have my own principle in life for the better. I stand on my own and living my life slowly but surely. I did not say my siblings are not thinking of their future, of course they do but sometimes people are just too weak when it comes to love and's really true. My parents didn't have any problem at all how I grew up when it comes to love and courtship . I was destined and determined not to follow my heart but my brain as if I have enough brain...wink!

When I was young, I was dreaming to go to another country for adventure (sabi kasi nila kapag may nunal ka sa talampakan, malayo ang ating marating, baka ganuon na nga...ahehehhe!).
I hold to my dreams and my wish was granted by the Lord in a way of marrying my one and only love of my life.
Dreams are my reality...according to the song.

Living with principle and faith in Him will turn into a reality. Honesty, hardwork and determination are the keys to success (for me lang ha, I don't know about u). I considered myself successful in my own way...ahehehe! Having a simple life is the kind of life that I am wishing for. Take note, God will bless us more if you just only knew.

My parents are happy of who I am and Ma always says that I never changed. I'm still the frank, straight-forward individual, friendly and knows how to look for the better.

I can be irritating at times to them but they agreed though, it's just they also have pride like anyone else. Watch out when the ego strikes...lolz!

One thing I can't forget about my Ma, she was washing my white guitar brand shirt ( one of the favorites shirt from my circle of friends) and she saw how bad the stain was from the duhat juice (Lomboy). Ma really takes care of our clothes especially the white ones, it's white as the snow using the Perla soap plus chlorine tidbits. She don't want us to do the laundry at home because we're just wasting the soap and the result was not good according to her. Yeah, I trully admires how my Ma take care of our clothes when I was young and free.

It was early in the morning when she had this ramblings of hers where our neighbors was their to buy some daily needs in her little sari-sari store.

Well, there was a fiesta in a neighboring town and I was with the group with my tagi-nayon. We like to walk like a batalion...ahehehe! It was early dawn (bukang-liwayway) when the dico fiesta was over. It was June then and it's the duhat season. We passed along a lot of duhat trees. So on our way home, the guys climbed the tree even if it's so dark with the help of our flashlights. They keep throwing a branch of the duhat that has a bunch of ripe fruit on it. To kill the time, we just laid in the grass eating a bunch of duhat and throwing each other with the seed that we had to spit out from our mouth. It was for fun, don't get me wrong for the gross thingy. We're almost a family.

That was the longest yawyaw of my Ma with my white shirt.

I told my barkadas how bad was my shirt was and they say didoo with their shirts and pants too.

I got to phone is ringing! Enough na sa pagmuni-muni sa nakaraan!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choose To Rejoice

When times are tough, when things aren’t going as planned, many people have a long, sour face. They’re down, discouraged, worried, and upset.

But when you choose to rejoice, you smile and have a pleasant demeanor no matter what. And it’s not because you necessarily feel like it or because everything is perfect. You just simply smile by faith. You smile knowing that your expression is saying to God, “I trust You. I know you are working all things out for my good.”

Make the decision today and every day to rejoice in the Lord! Put a smile on your face and let the whole world know your hope is in the Lord.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leave the Way Open

We all go through situations where we’re not being treated fairly. Maybe somebody is talking behind your back or trying to make you look bad, maybe you were overlooked for a promotion or cheated in a business deal. When we’re being mistreated, the natural thing is to try to defend ourselves and set the record straight. Human nature wants to get even and get revenge. But the scripture says, “Vengeance is Mine… says the Lord.” That means God wants to make your wrongs right. He wants to pay you back for every unfair thing that has happened. He is a God of justice.

You can either avenge yourself or you can let God be your avenger, but you can’t have it both ways. If you take matters into your own hands, then God is going to step back and say, “Go ahead, do it your way. Looks like you don’t need My help.” But on the other hand, if we choose to stay on the high road and say, “No, I’m going to let God be my avenger and trust God to bring justice into my life”, then you are leaving the way open for God to move mightily on your behalf!

Have a blessed Tuesday morning!