Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Looking Back on the Fictional Zombie Epidemic

Guest post written by Ashley Singler

I got really into zombie stuff a few years ago when I watched the movie 28 Days Later for the first time. But after all of that and watching about every zombie movie that I could get my hands on, I decided that I could give reading zombie fiction a chance too.

I went online to get some ideas about what zombie fiction is available out there now and while I was looking up that stuff I ran across some Clear Wimax prices that sounded pretty good, so I switched over my home internet service because of them.

I found this World War Z book where it's these fictional verbal retellings from survivors of the world zombie war. It's definitely more creative than just a regular old narrative book about the whole ordeal. This way it took you through what happened to a bunch of different people, including this soldier who was stranded out in the middle of a zombie zone by herself and did what she had to, to get picked back up by a helicopter and taken to safety.

Balikbayan Boxes

Shopping for a cause is fun but packing them is kind of tiring. Well, I'm trying to ship six boxes: 2 Jumbos and 4 standard sizes.
The promo: if we send six boxes, one box is free shipping and I'm trying to pay just the five boxes.

I'm still half-way with my goal together with my little helper. I had a great time shopping for 70% off shoes at DSW. I'm sure my siblings will have a blast wearing their comfortable and reliable shoes.

I better continue packing now....:))