Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Holiday Concert 2010

Our girl reminded me of their Holiday Christmas Concert which is today.

She was so cute when she told me that I don't have to buy a new Christmas dress since her last year Christmas dress is still good.
Most of the time, she don't like fancy dresses because it itches, that's according to her.
I do really understand her concern with regards to this matter because I for one has problem with itchy clothes touching my skin.

The concert was consist of Kindergarten and Grade I. They did an excellent performance and I can see from where I was sitting at, that our girl was singing on top of her lungs.

What a crowd if you want to know.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accelerated Reader

Our girl take home again this another award from her school. No wonder, she likes to read so much and wants me and her Dada to guide her in her reading skills.

Yesterday, on her Monday folder, I went over with her papers and I found this paper that says something about it. "Are you proud of me, Mama?" her say.

Who in the world won't be, right?

Take note, it's a Kindergarten Reading and I don't expect my child to read like an adult...wink!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Mansion Library

Posted by Haywood Morales

I live in a fairly small town. Our local theater only has two movies at a time, the bowling alley only has 15 lanes and the youth center is only open two times a week. One would think that we would get bored in this type of setting, but everyone I know actually enjoys it. We have a huge park where there are always community activities going on, and other librarians have visited our library to see how they can make their own more like ours. The library is located in an old mansion that was donated specifically to be the town's library. A few times a week, I will set the ADT Security system and my kids and I will walk the half mile to it. The mansion is huge, and the head librarian has let the folks from town have input into how the library should be. There are rooms where families can watch DVD movies together. Young children can gather in a couple of other rooms for daily book readings by parents. Older kids have their own rooms where they can play video games, read books, watch movies, and all sorts of other things. Adults have book clubs, crafting classes and lessons on computers, since our kids know more about modern technology than we do. It's not the traditional library, but it is one that interests our kids and keeps them off the streets.

SOTM For October

Once again she has the award as a Student of the Month. She was so glorious yesterday for not wearing a school uniform. The school will give one free no uniform day for those who work hard academically at school.

My girl is wishing to have lunch with the principal but that part it's being done by lottery. Well, from K-8th graders where there are SOTM students and once a month they will draw one name to eat out with the principal at the cafeteria.

"Wish my name will get pulled duringng the lottery," her say.

I told her, "Someday, you will have lunch with your principal as long as you keep yourself to be a student of the month for the rest of the year, how's that?"

The End!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter

It's official, it's snowing here in our place. The first snow for this winter season. It's the season where layers and layers of clothing that we have to wrap around ourselves. No one can stop mother nature though and we have to accept the fact that we are living in a state where the four seasons are our choices.

While we had our dinner at a Chinese Buffet with my family, earlier during the night, we talked about going to a warmer place for a short vacation. I introduced to my Dearpie this place in South Carolina called Myrtle Beach hotel . I think it would be great to relax at the beach, sunbathing, swimming and just taking our time as a couple.

Looking at their website at http://www.horizonmyrtlebeach.com,I can tell it is more than fun to stay a week or two just to enjoy the overall scenery of the said place. Warm weather just makes me happy and gay.What a glorious day for me if things work out for us to go on vacation.

With all the hassle and dazzle in life that we encountered in our daily living, I think we deserved a break and find a great place for a vacation and that would be the Myrtle Beach best hotels. Why not? We need to enjoy life as much as we can. Working hard without taking a break will lead to stress and stress will lead to sickness.

Anyway, we have a toddler too that likes to go on vacation and I'm sure we all have a great time as a family. When? Hopefully, soon when everything settle down in our end. Can't wait to be in a beach since I've never been to one in a long time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Formal Ballet Dance

Definitely, it's hard to be working full time when you have a toddler. Thankful from Above that I have a job that gives me flexible schedule. I've been debating to quit or not due to our girl's schooling but we work it out with the goodness and kindness of my boss.

Working half day is enough for me to be in a different environment instead of just being at home.

Anyway, budgeting my time is very vital. Since our girl is into ballet, I'm about to enroll her in a regular ballet class at Academy of Classical Ballet. I prefer for her to go to Colorado Ballet in Denver but asking all the information, we have to pay the metered parking downtown and holy molly, it's gonna be in a parallel parking. To be honest, I don't know how to get in if there's two cars in between. Hubby taught me about it but I don't have the guts to practice. In short, Colorado Ballet is out of the picture now not unless we move to downtown Denver...lolz!

Are you familiar with Nutcracker? This is where our girl gonna go. I have to arrange with the schedule and the tuition too. Our girl deserved to join the said school because she has the interest in it aside from Karate and piano. When she will start? Hopefully....soon!