Friday, April 30, 2010

Angelina's 1st Swimming Lesson

We want her to learn swimming as early as 2 year old but because of her skin problem (eczema), we opted to wait until she's 4 year old and understand the concept of "no scratching" effect.

She promised me to be good and not to scratch her skin but there are times when it's so dry that she can't avoid it specially when she's sleeping.

Since, at this stage of her life where learning is the best, I enrolled her at last. She's so happy about it and so proud to tell her Dada and Grandpa about her 1st swimming lesson experience.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Reflections From the Past

This picture was taken when I was once a part of the teaching force at VNHS (Valencia National High School) in our very own province, Bohol. The school is 24 kilometers from my hometown. It wasn't that far to ride a jeep, bus, motorcycle or a private hitch car of Engr. Madrinan, who works at the Garcia Limestone.

Anyway, one of the duties that's being entrusted to me was being the Matron of Sponsors with the CAT-I Unit (Citizen Military Training) aside from being a volleyball coach and a regular classroom teacher to a third year High School students.

Coaching the volleyball was okay with me but as a Matron of Sponsors, I did say, I threw a feet about it. I didn't argue with our principal (who used to be my teacher in High School) but I was just being honest with my feelings.

If I remember, this is what Sir Inting told me, "Sing, (he called me Zosing though...) I won't give you the responsibility if you are not capable enough but I believe in your talent and skills."

I still want to say more but I just told myself to shut up my mouth...wink!

Without much ado, we had meetings and practices after class with the 14 selected sponsors. They also need to study for any questions during the tactical inspections and a presentation during the program.

I was so nervous, which is a normal feeling, to be the host of the said affair. ( My golly! I tried my very best despite of my broken English.) Hindi naman pwedeng tagalugin, where I can talk straight pa naman, kasi 'yon talaga ang pinag-aralan ko or being an EMCEE in our Visayan dialect.

I never hosted a program in my whole life and just reading all the biodatas of my intellectual and lovely sponsors was enough to drained me out and asked for something to drink...lolz! All these things happened during the Presentation of Sponsors.

After the program, there was this engrande food being prepared for the inspectors team. We're being told by our Commandant to entertain them and be the hostess at the Home Economics Building where all the food were being served.

I was not sure if t'was still part of winning the 1st place with regards to the Tactical Inspections.

One thing for sure that I can't forget...this stylish and fashionable co-teachers of ours wants my skirt to be skimpy and sexy. Oh my gulay, bechay!

I did an inch above knee level and 2 inches for my lovely sponsors.

The following year, 1st time history in our province, as far as I knew, that the town of Valencia hosted a Provincial Meet and the main venue was at VNHS. We're being told and advised to be the usherettes during the said affair. It's not me who's doing the job but our lovely sponsors but it was me delegating who's who to be pin up with Corsage and Garland.

After two years of having the said position. There is this beautiful teacher who's new to our team and I turned over my position to her and she accepted it without saying no because she's the type of woman that likes to be in the crowd and it really fits her personality.

Glad that it was over!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enjoying The Nice Weather

Outdoor fun is great!

"Mama, I want to go biking since it's so nice outside," her excitement after taking her afternoon nap.

For the past days, she's on her bike and scooter while I was busy working outside our yard.
I finally finished up the bush trimming thingy.

I'm not sure if I want our grass green due to water consumption..wink! I just walked around the grass and pulled those Dandelion so they won't spread all over our yard.

After everything's done at home, I told Angelina that she can go biking at the park as a reward for being a good child to the entire family, friends and relatives...wink! She had a kicked out of it and invited her Lo and La. Seems like my folks like the idea of walking in the park instead of the neighborhood.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What A Bright Day

Another Friday once again. Weekend here I come. Angelina 's invited to a birthday party tomorrow. It's her classmate's 5th birthday.

Too bad, today is trash day and seems like her Lo put the invitation in the trash unintentionally.
Poor, Angelina, I guess she can't attend.
Well, it's me who will be dropping her off to the said birthday party and I don't feel like it.

Not that I stop my child's happiness but as I always said, I don't want to go to a party that I don't know the host. It's just me and I relate the story to our Angelina. Kids are kids and just like our girl, she likes to have some fun.

At the end, she understood that I can't take her to the party because I don't have the address and phone number. I'm not sure if I have to appreciate what Pa did with the invitation card:))

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's Go Safari

In my wildest dream, I want to explore the beauty in South Africa. My husband went there many times with his ex-wife, adopted son and his Dad. Just looking all the pictures that they took, it just reminds me of my very own beloved country, Philippines.

There were lots of time in the past, Hubby invited me for a week vacation in Africa so I can see the exotic place with lots of attractions where my eyes can feast. I refused back then because of the amount that we have to spend. In my mind, I always compare the value of the dollar and peso and the equivalent to it.

I was thinking, it's a waste of money and don't want to go out of the country except back home. Yeah, we've been to some states in America for a pure and genuine vacation. My husband likes to travel and we enjoy flying or driving just for fun and relaxing moment with family.

Whether I like it or not, according to my husband, he will take me to South Africa and enjoy the white beaches with my two-piece bikini under the heat of the sun. We can go diving with great white sharks and most of all Family Safari in Africa.

In order to travel in South Africa, we need a place to stay. I found this Sun City Hotels epitomises five-star luxury, offering immaculate accommodation and facilities. It is conveniently located at Pilanesberg Sun City, Sun City, South Africa in Pilanesberg.

And if we decide to move to another place or City, I would like to go to Johannesburg. One of the greenest cities in the world. It's known as the heartbeat of South Africa. I can't wait to stay in one of Sandton hotels in Johannesburg.

There are cheap hotels in Cape Town too that would accommodate for our stay. I browsed online and saw this Cape Town Waterfront hotels. They offer great deal for those travellers seeking a balance of comfort and value of money.

From beaches to Safari, I can't wait to visit South Africa in the near future.