Monday, April 11, 2011

Third Quarter

After a month of not blogging, here I am proudly coming back for a cause. Anyway, I have a hectic schedule as a wife, mom and worker.

In spite of everything by the grace of God, I am still alive and kicking with a positive outlook in life with the motto, "I can do it!"

Anyway, time flies and my girl will be in 1st Grade pretty soon. Classes will be over in May. The point, she's doing great with her Kindergarten life. She has many friends to mingled with and her grades are excellent based from her performance evaluation and grades. She is always happy for being one of the student of the months.

Last week, was their third quarter awarding ceremony and as I promised to our girl, I attended the said event of her life. It was a quick program but I saw the happiness in my daughter's eyes. She's so proud of herself going up the stage to get her Certificate of High Honor Roll and the Certificate of Perfect Attendance.