Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Change Is Good

I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers

Our move to the Orlando area was such a positive change for me and my family. We are so close to the beach and live in a great community. The kids are just as excited as we are. I created a to-do list for each of us so nothing was forgotten or overlooked. Utilities were on my husband’s list. The very first thing he did was log onto and set up an installation date and time on the very day we closed on the house. Just like a man! He just had to have satellite while we were unpacking each and every room. I gave him a hard time at first but I have to admit, I really enjoy watching VH1 and CMT while working. Event he kids are singing and dancing while working on their rooms. It has also been great to relax to a movie in the evenings after working so hard all day. There is no doubt, moving is not for the light hearted. It takes a lot out of everyone but change is so good.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Young Rembrandts

A's on Christmas break for two weeks. Aside from watching movies, wii, and ninetendo, I enrolled her in a Young Rembrandts class, "Art Class" with American Historical Girls/Dolls. The class is good for three days from 9:30 Am - 11:00 AM for $40.00 Ang among pangkonsumo ako na lang igasto! hu! Bitaw, it's good for her man pod lagi ba...wink!

Hoping reimbursuhan ko sa gustong mo-sponsor aning kalakiha...peace!