Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kids Having So Much Fun

It's our girl's last day of school yesterday for this year. They will be back nexy year on the 4th of January, according to their school calendar.

Our girl's Pre-K party turned out really great and fun. All the kids got their present from their teacher and the teacher assistants. In return, some of the kids, including our girl brought some presents to give to their beloved teachers.

It's so cute watching all the 4 year old singing their rendation of a song to their parents in the tune of Jingle Bells, Merry Christmas and Twinkle2x Little Star.

They have some fruit punch, cookies, fruits and veggies for their tiny Christmas Party.

I was glad our girl enjoyed her day at school with her classmates and friends.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Girl's Christmas Party At School

I almost forgot about their party not until, she reminds me this morning.

I signed up to bring some fruits and veggies for their Christmas celebration.

Glad that the weather is cooperating, I thought the snow is coming to town but I woke up with the sun smiling on me. Thank you, Mr. Sunshine!

After our girl's Christmas party, we will go for a little window shopping with my friend. She needs to buy something for her husband and so do I.

We will see where our feet gonna take us this afternoon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My 1st Time To Drive At Castle Rock

My Saturday is kind of busy.

It's my bananarama's birthday and need to entertain him and spend our quality time together.

After goofing around in our house, we went out to visit my FIL minus our Angelina.

When it was time for us to leave the hospital, Hubby and I decided to eat out since we both were craving for Salad. Off we went to Sweet Tomatoes, where it's a salad Buffet with the rest of the pastas, bread and deserts.

It's been like ages we haven't visited thi space and this afternoon, we were kind of's nice to be back!

Off we went to SAM'S Club to buy some of our daily needs at home. According to Hubby, there's only one roll left of our toilet paper. So, I guess it's one of our vital needs.

Hubby was so exhausted after what we've done all day. While I was driving, I asked him if I can go to Castle Rock without him. He allowed me, as long as I will take Angelina with me and have another adult. So, I called a friend and she was more than willing to walk around the outside Mall and have some fun window shopping.

We both like walking as our execise inspite of the cold weather. We're all bundled up though, we tackled the coldness for sure.

It was 4:30 PM when we left our abode and we came home safe and sound by 9:00 PM.
Anytime with the exception of snow time, I can drive on my own going to Castle Rock without the aide of my Hubby. It wasn't bad at all driving farther going South of Denver. Thank you, Jesus for the traveling mercy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Simple Thoughts To Ponder

" When your mind is clean and your heart is pure. When your character is Godly and true. That is wealth!"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

911 Call

I was given the tasked to call dispatched yesterday. The IT (information Technology) in-charged next door told me to do some testing if all our phone system works.

"Zima, make sure whoever answered the phone, tell him/her that we're just doing some tests," according to the very nice IT next door.

I dialed the 3 digits numbers and for about two rings, someone answered my call.

"911, how may I help you?" per dispatched.

"Hi, my name is ms so and so and just testing our phone line if our calls get through," my low tone of voice.

After the dispatched recognized and read our address in his computer, I finally said thank you.

That was an easy!

I was almost tempted to apply for a job being a dispatch for a 9-11 call but with the heavy volume of calls and with the kind of English and accent I have...for sure, I'm not qualified for the said!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It Was Christmas

I went for a Christmas vacation in my oldest sister's place in Manila back then. It was via boat/ship since we can't afford to fly.

Christmas in the City is so bonggalicious but to tell you what, I don't like the noise in big Cities. It's because it's Christmas time and my sister will give as some money, lumuwas kami ng!

Take note, hindi siya mayaman at may kaunting kabuhayan lang but naiangat niya ang kanilang kabuhayan dahil sa kanyang sipag at tiyaga. Sad to say that pumanaw na siya two years ago.

She left us with lots of memories. She survived living in Manila without asking any help and financial support. Siya pa nga ang nakatulong ng malaki sa aming pamilya. The problem with Manang, she don't know how to be matipid. We all (family members and relatives) called her "one day, one millionaire". Once she has this huge amount of money as a profit from their business, she's not at home all day. She's somewhere shopping-yeah, for their needs naman but to the maxed, hindi ko talaga maintindihan. She gave some money to her children because according to her, she want her kids to enjoy what she didn't enjoy during her younger years...mali o tama, I'm against about it. Kaya, she ended up spoiling her children.

Maski wants lang, bibilhin niya.

Back to Christmas, she prepared a bonggalicious party. Mga kamag-anak kahit saang sulok ng Maynila mag-get2gether. Madaling araw pa lang gising na siya sa pagluluto. Maliit lang ang bahay nila pero kasya pa rin ang mga tao...sardinas! Buti na lang may maliit na kamalig where all the workers can sleep aside sa mga kamag-anak na nagsidatingan. To be honest, ako ang naguguluhan at naiingayan. Naitanong ko sa sarili ko, bakit ganito ang lifestyle nila?

It was fun dahil maraming relatives and friends. Maaga palang nagsimula na ang inuman nila. Simula na ng kanilang kalasingan. Nakakatuwa pero nakakainis. Simpleng kaligayhan lang naman daw ang sabi...magkainuman ang mga friends and relatives.

I told my sister, I like living in the province. Tahimik at mura lang ang bilihin doon. Makalanghap tayo ng sariwang hangin. Oh my gulay! Electric fan nila 24/7 takot ako baka! May maliit sila na AC pero sa kwarto lang naman nila at nakaandar maski walang tao..ay ang kuryente ang laki ng binabayaran nila every month. Nakakaloka talaga ang buhay nila! Paano kasi ang init-init sa Maynila.

Manang can't leave Manila kasi doon ang kabuhayan niya. Kaya, every time na uuwi kami pabalik sa probinsiya pinabaunan niya kami ng malaking halaga na pera (malaki na 'yon sa akin kasi bata pa ako eh! lol) at nakabili kami ng mga bagong damit. Ang nakakatuwa, may dala kaming taro/lata ng biscuits.

It was fun naman pero hindi ko ma-take ang manirahan sa malaking siyudad. Buti na lang napadpad ako dito sa!

Marami pa sana akong kwento pero wala na akong oras. Maghanapbuhay pa ako dito pero hindi kagaya sa Manang ko. Ako, gusto kong maging isang ordinaryong empleyado pero siya susugal siya sa negosyo. Well, she's so good talaga sa pasikotsikot pero sa katipiran, hindi siya papasa sa akin. Isa siya na nakapag-impluwensya sa aing with regards to nicer na mga gamit...which is good naman. Di ba, the nicer the brand, the longer it last?

I remember the Bandolino shoe story. Binilhan niya ako nuon at super talaga ang tibay. Mamatay na lang ako at buhay pa ang sapato na 'yon. Pero hindi ko na alam kung kaninong mga feet na siya nagserbisyo!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Beloved FIL

He's been close to three months in the hospital. Without health insurance, life would be hard for him and for us his children taking care of him.

We just received the 1st month bill and it cost $345, 000 just to be in the ICU. Glad that my FIL has a very good health insurance.

He's getting better everyday and now they're working on his mobility, walking in particular. He's complaining of so much pain on his back and legs. We explained to him, it's because he's been in bed for too long plus all his past back surgeries in almost every organ of his body.

Since he was born and up to the present time, he already had 26 surgeries, pretty amazing for an 83 year old.

He has a very good fighting spirit with the help from Above. According to him, he wants to live more so he can see Angelina grew up...take note not! It's for his best friend and grandchild, Angelina. They're best buddies, to be fair.

Today, one of Dad's hi and hello to us was, "How are you, guys doing with your finances?"
In fairness, FIL is our guardian Angel when it comes to finances. Hubby won't do the move but I do tell my FIL on how is Rich's doing with his business! But I never mention anything now, that he's in the hospital. So far, so good pa naman with God's guidance.

As long as we are faithful to Him, He will take care of our needs. Trials and tribulations may come along our way but it's one way of testing how faithful we are to Him. My one and only priciple, don't give up and pray without ceasing.

Anyway, Fil's been asking when he can come home and be with us. Hmmm... seems like it's not the right time yet.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking For Satellite Provider?

We're with Direct TV for years now. Hubby and I are just loving the kind of service we have with our satellite provider.

One of these days, we will be moving to a different place but the same state. Since we're liking the service with the Direct TV in Colorado, we have to continue with our service with them.

Through DirectTV, two more people in our household are more than happy because of the great entertainment we have at home. It's the one and only satellite provider that carries The Filipino Channels - (TFC).

TFC, is an international Filipino entertainment brought to you by Direct TV. My parents are enjoying every shows that the TFC have. It really helps to ease their boredome and from being homesick away from home sweet home, Phlippines.

Aside from the entertaining TFC, Direct TV really has over 130 of the Best HD Channels to enjoy.

For others though, it is highly desirable. High Definition changes TV watching from something you do, into something that you experience. High definition is exactly what it sounds like, it is a far more defined picture and sound. The high definition TV screen has one-thousand and eighty verticle lines of resolution, that it uses to create the picture on your screen with and this twice as many as the standard TV screen has. Again, it's only through Directv that we can enjoy this kind of privilege.

So, if you're thinking to put up a new satellite provider, go to for the great offer and promotions they have. See it for yourself and take the chance of the great deal. Check it out!

It's Fun To Be Doing Something

Can't believe how busy I was for the past days until now. I can't even watch my Filipino Soaps on TV. I didn't bother to pay our monthly bills yesterday and told myself to do it today,!

Well, after I dropped off Angelina at her school, my friend and I went to Flatiron Mall for just sight seeing and at the same time trying to exchange the pants from Banana Republic that I bought at Castle Rock.

When I bought the pants, I didn't bother to use the fitting room thinking I got the right size and that time the place was packed.

Glad, I got what I want yesterday. It was mission possible.

By the time I came home it was past 8:00 PM and time for us to prepare for bed. I tried to get up after our Angelina fall asleep so I can watch my soap but I was dead tired I guess and had a soundless sleep according to my Dearpie. Yeah, I slept in our couch with our TV on until 1:00 A.M., Hubby didn't carry me upstairs. He just woke me up and told to move in our comfy bed.

Well, today... I'm so excited to be with Dear friends but it's snowing. Don't have any plan B yet...wink!

Opps! I want to talk more but it's getting busy here in my end. It's work related issues...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Perfect For Christmas

Hubby and I are thinking what to give for my Bil (Brother-in-law) on christmas. He don't want any kind of presents like clothing, shoes, candies and so forth.

I asked my husband if his brother has Direct TV as his satellite TV provider. He called his brother not to be obvious asking about this and that.
We found out that my Bil was not happy of the service he has at present.

With the situation he has right now, I told Hubby to get Direct TV as our Christmas present for him. I showed to my dear husband the great promotions that DirectTv has to offer for the Christmas time. Imagine, you can get Direct tv for around $1 a day.

They have 150 + all digital channels and a choice of your package for only 29.99/month until 2011. Part of the deal is free showtime and starz for the first three months.

Aside from the promotion they have, Directv, provides high definition TV. You can see your favorite soap or sports in a very live and clear picture.High definition changes TV watching from something you do, into something that you experience. High definition is exactly what it sounds like, it is a far more defined picture and sound. The high definition TV screen has one-thousand and eighty verticle lines of resolution, that it uses to create the picture on your screen with and this twice as many as the standard TV screen has.

I'm sure, my brother-in-law will have a great time watching his favorite football games on TV with Direct TV as his new provider.

So, if you ar elooking for some holiday specials, call Direct TV over the phone or click the higlighted links above for inquiry.

Friday, November 27, 2009

What A Brutal and Sad Killing in the Philippine History of Politics

It all happened in Maguindanao. Why would someone has to kill someone just because they want the power...this is just my two cents.

Hopefully, justice will prevail. Killing those innocent people is not fair at all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Busy Holiday

I'm here in my paruk-parok mood. Yeah, I'm very sleepy at the moment. I went to bed past 12 midnight.

We had a great time talking last night with Chet and Christine in our abode. We talked about everything, specially about their wedding. There was a lot of changes being made at the eleventh hour, I guess.

Overall, we're glad that their big day turned out to be a very great success!

Have a great Wednesday morning!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's Get Organic To Be Healthy and Beautiful

To be beautiful is one of your asset in being a woman.

I strongly suggest to preserve those good looking skin, baby face and cheerful look.

Why mess with perfection? It's amazing the beauty that Mother Nature has created, which is why we take our cues from here when developing all of our bath and body products. Since we're obsessed with natural, it's frustrating to us that so many people are confused about what is being "natural" really means. We just have to be very careful to buy natural beauty products and the kind of place or store that we're getting at.

It's no wonder really, since there is no standard definition of what's "natural" and what's not. (Surprising! We know.) Unfortunately not every product that uses the term "natural" actually is natural. We want you to know exactly what you're putting on your skin, especially since so much of what goes on your body is absorbed into it. So to be sure we're all on the same page, they'adopted this Natural Standard defining exactly what it means to be truly natural.

I've found online and they sale products that are pure and healthy. To demonstrate their commitment to a wider and better understanding of "natural," they are in the process of adding a black box to each of our product's labels indicating the precise percentage of natural and/or organic ingredients in that specific product.

One thing that caught my attention is the organic bathing salt that they have. Hubby and I like to soak in our little jacuzzi at home and I'm in so much excitement looking all their bath products.

Who would think, I found the great place online to buy something for my hubby on his coming birthday as a present.

At, they present a new line of organic beauty products to nurture you, based on medicinal Swiss Alp plants with unique properties. This line brings you natural solutions to naturally care for your face and body, without any preservatives, for your sheer pleasure. All of their products are of the highest possible quality, in accordance with the ECOCERT® standard, containing more than 70% more organic ingredients than required!

If you're interested to know, Sabon isn't some shady business. They are based in NY but have stores in Japan, Israel, Canada, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Netherland. Just check out online and there's more products to choose aside from baths products.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Best Security Sytem

We understand how important it is to help our family and home to be safe, secure and well protected at all times. We help keep the people and things that matter most to us, right?

With the kind of world we live in, we have to be vigilant enough and want security and safety in the comfort of our own house.

A home security alarm is mainly used to prevent a break-in all together. It is also to inform the police if someone does decide to break - in to our home. Just by having a home security monitoring in our house, we are 90% less likely to be broken into. For sure, a home security alarm systems will also give you piece of mind, so you don't have to worry about leaving the house for long or short periods of time.

And just recently, we have ADT as our Home Security Systems installed in our place. It is more of an important issue now than it ever was before. Our economy is in trouble and many are becoming desperate and they are willing to turn to crime to feed their families, pay their bills, or fund their addictions.

The fact that a home with a security alarm sytem is enough to cause most criminals to move on to an easier target. Signs by all doors and decals on windows, to warn possible intruders that the home is equipped with a syatem, are a very good deterrent.

So, to be at peace with your mind why not check out ADT. It' America's #1 home security monitoring company. You can find local specials and promotions by choosing the right state where you belong. And for the record, they've been in business since 1874 drawing on over 130 years of continuous innovation. Just click the highlighted links above and get ready to call for an installation, how's that?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Shootout Bank Robbery

When I was driving between 112 and Federal yesterday, the area was blocked and there were 4 police officers organizing the flow of the traffic.

I even hanged up with my friend's conversation over the phone. I was jut being careful.

Yeah, I was on my way to drop our girl to school.

After I signed her in the class, my phone rang. Another friend called me that there's a shooting of two robbers between Westminster police officers. That's the reason of the street being blocked.

I was even going to Kohl's yesterday while waiting for my girl. Yeah, the accident took place at 1st Bank by 120th and Sheridan, just across Kohl's. I really want to see the whole coverage and Channel 9 was there but the intersection were blocked too.

So, I just went home and watched the news on TV. My! the suspects car was badly hit with bullets all over. Seems like it's a man and a woman robbing the 1st bank. Glad that two police officers were in a stable condition now after being fired by the suspects. Too bad, the lady suspect died.

My question? Why do people has to do this kind of life. Why not find a meager job and live simple? Oh well, this is the kind of world that we live in, there are good ones and the bad ones.

Have a great Friday, EVRYONE!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


While I was driving my car this afternoon going to Angelina's school. I saw this ceramic figurine in the backseat.

I told my girl what is it ang where it came from?

Oh well, it wasn't a big deal...guess what?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bidders Are Welcome

Have you been to an auction sale? I've been to one, it's pretty much interesting and challenging. It was my Hubby's idea and I was liking it. It's kind of fun listening to all the people bidding up the price.

Because of its popularity and public demands, this kind of auction or bidding is brought up online. There is this website called It is a unique auction site where brand new products is being bid for all the people online who signed up on this website.

They have such different kind of gadgets to choose from like Nintendo, Wii's iPods, laptops, digital cameras and LCd TV's fall under the auction hammer everyday and sell for the prices that can only be described as totally mad.

Good thing about this site, they offer the hottest and most wanted gadgets at bargain prices. They offfer the latest, brand new consumer electronics, watches, and other desirable consumables from leading manufacturers.

For sure, is one amazing online auction experience. They make sure that every auction they run has a fair go. Real auctions, real winners and real time!

How it works? A.) All auctions starts at $0.00 and all products are brand new. B.) You can place a bid in two ways: 1. Using your online account and clicking Bid Here. 2. Via text message from your mobile phone. C.) Each bid place will increase the current price by $0.02. D.) Countdown timer resets every time a new bid is placed. E.) If the countdown timer reaches 00.00.00, and no new bids are placed, then the last bidder wins the right to buy the products at the final auction price, usually 60-95% off the retail price.

What's good about auction online, just a click from your mouse and you can start bidding of the products that you want. There's no rush to go somewhere and get out from the comfort of your home. Isn't it wonderful?

Check it out for yourself and click the highlighted words or phrase that you can see above. Everyone are welcome to join the fun!

Putting Up Our Christmas Tree

Angelina and I are getting excited to put up our munting Christmas Tree in our home. One for upstairs and the other one will be downstairs. I'm taking a week off from work using my general leave.

We have plenty of time to be goofy around the house. Hubby's smiling at us carrying some stuff up and down the stairs. Before, it was him who did all the christmas decorations around the house but now, I'm learning how to do it with my little helper, Angelina.

"It's not Thanksgiving yet and you are ready to put up the Christmas Tree?" hubby questioned us.
"Dada, it's okay to put it up as early as today," according to the speaker of the house, Angelina.

Yeah, our girl is just so excited to put up all the ornaments while singing her Jingle Bells Rock.

Since it's about time for her to take her morning nap, we therefore stopped what we're doing and right now she's soundlessly sleeping while I'm composing a diary for the day.

Yesterday, she told me that her teacher reminded her to bring extra clothes to school. Before the Christmas tree thingy, we loaded some clothes on her Hello Kitty stroller/back pack. Asides from the clothes she puts some toys inside.

As she was pulling her backpack, "Mama, can you take a picture of me?"

She tried to take a picture of herself but they're all! As a Mom, I granted my girl's request.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Dancing Shoes For My Girl

After graduating from her Twinkle Toe's class, my girl is ready to move on to the next level, which is the Shake, Rattle and Twirl.

As I can see, her feet is getting bigger as days, months and years goes by. From her Twinkle Toe shoes, we're having a hard time putting it on, that means she's growing and need a pair of new dancing shoes. She even complained that it's too tight for her and it hurts her feet.

Dancing shoes is not cheap as you may think. It's quiet expensive compared to regular shoes. For sure, in order to move gracefully and be comfortable with your dance moves, a good quality shoe is what you need just like my girl who likes her ballet dance.

Speaking of great quality of shoes, glad I found online. They have extensive varieties of dancing shoes to choose from. They even have a great deal on their pricing. There's always what we called "sale" price.

For the record, they are not only selling dancing shoes but they have different kind of stuff to check out like clothing, watches, accesories, bags, luggages, jewelry, housewares, eyewear and so much more. To tell you what, christmas is fast approaching and it's so exciting to shop at for the kind of presents that you want to give for your loved ones, friends, relatives and even to yourself.

What's good about, you can be shopping at the comfort of your own home and you can choose the kind of item in your own pace of time. I'm for sure will be shopping at for my girl's dancing shoes. How about you? Check it out and enjoy shopping online.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Other People's Culture

I'm just not sure about too friendly people. It's okay with me if it's the same sex like me but if it's the opposite sex, I have doubts, fear and start not liking that person.

Before judging that someone, I need to search first their culture. Who knows, they are just too friendly people. I told my Dearpie about it and he wants me to stay away from him.

By our human instinct, we can sense and therefore I conclude that I need to back up and pretend that I didn't see him.

Faithfulness, faithfulness!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Looking For An Ideal Nose?

A friend of mine was sharing her latest vacation to the Philippines. When we saw each other via webcam, she asked me if I notice something different.

Finally she confessed to me that she just had a nose job, done by a very well known expert in cosmetic rhinoplasty.

For sure, as I looked her closer in the webcam, I saw how cute and pointed her nose compared than before.

If you want to know what is rhinoplasty, it is a surgical alteration of the nose to change its shape or improve its function. It is being performed to correct breathing problems related to the nose or to correct disfigurement of the nose.

As our technology is on the rise cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed on normal noses to improve their shape and appaerance. It can reduce or increase the size of your nose, or change the size or shape of the tip, the bridge, or nostrils.

Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of his or her nose can be a good candidate for any cosmetic nose job. A person should also be in good physical health, be psychologically stable and have realistic expectations.

So, if you are considering rhinoplasty be sure to discuss your expectations with your surgeon. During initial consultation, you will be asked what bothers you about your nose and how you would like to change it.

Great news about rhinoplasty, it is done in an outpatient procedure under either general or local anesthesia. With general anesthesia, you sleep through the operation. With local anesthesia, you are sedated and the nose is numbed so you are relaxed and unable to feel the pain. The incisions are made within the nostrils and in more difficult cases may also be made across the base of the nose. The inner bone and cartilage are reshaped to produce a more pleasing shape.

So, if you think you are unsatisfied and insecure with the kind of nose that you have right now visit rhinoplasty information for your nose augmentation.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Power of Love

If you are surrounded with people who really prays for you, miracles happen.

As always, I witnessed once again God's powerful move.

It's so amazing how things work for good. God can see the desire of our hearts. Prayer is powerful and God's love is endless.

Just be aware, God will do the judgment and has the power of your life. Thank you, Jesus!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What is your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

Is that right? Whoever invented that kind of Quiz in facebook...I sure have fun in answering all those EQ.

Your EQ is 137

You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.You are warm and open. Even when life gets you down, you're unafraid of the world and its challenges.You are comfortable with who you are. And you accept your weaknesses - as well as the weaknesses of others.While you are quite stable, you don't respond perfectly to every bad situation that comes up.But you have enough emotional intelligence to know when you need a course correction.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gloomy Weather

I thought Mr. Sunshine will continue to shine this morning. But I was wrong, he refused to and it's so freezing cold. What a life to live, to be exact!

Ganyan lang talaga ang buhay. Patas ang laban...may tag-init, tagsibol, taglamig at taglagas.

I'm still thankful to God that for how many years at hanggang ngayon naranasan ko ang apat na uri ng panahon. Ang tanong, hanggang kailan kaya ako maglagi sa bansa na aking kinalalagyan ngayon? Happy na rin ako at nakapaglaro ako sa snow, nagpala ako ng snow, nagmaneho ako on top of the snow...ang dami kong hindi malimutang karanasan.
To God be the glory, for everything!

I like Colorado as my second home and my husband's birth place, his one and only state where he lives all his life together with his whole family.

The only place that my husband wants to move for good is my very own country, the land of my birth. When? ...time will lead the way and I'm ready to take the chance.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Children's Place Halloween Carnival

Angelina's school will have a Halloween carnival today. They will have a parade around the school campus with their Halloween costumes.

Since it's freezing cold outside and Angelina won't stop eating her candies when she got it, I decided not to take her to the said affair.

Her classmate also will have a halloween party in their house tomorrow and Angelina's invited. I refused the invitation from the child's Mom in a nice way. I even said thank you to her for inviting us. It's just me, I don't feel like joining a party when I'm not comfortable with the people around.

Also, another Filipina friend will have a Halloween party in their abode but I already commit myself to another friend to join our church Fall Festivity. It's an indoor activities for kids. yeah, candies will be all over but need to have a masinsinan talk with my girl before going with regards to candies or else we won't go anywhere on Halloween Day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Misery and Illness Persist in Philippine Typhoons’ Wake

Published: October 25, 2009

MANILA — A month after parts of the Philippines were devastated by successive typhoons, tens of thousands of people remain homeless and more than 150 have been killed by waterborne diseases, officials said.

Dennis M. Sabangan/European Pressphoto Agency

Typhoon victims inside a baseball stadium turned into a temporary evacuation center in Pasig's Rosario district, east of Manila.

Relief workers are particularly concerned about children in evacuation camps in towns and cities in the Manila metropolitan area that remain flooded.

Health officials said there was an outbreak of diseases in both evacuation centers and in flooded communities, particularly a bacterial infection called leptospirosis that had afflicted more than 2,000 residents and killed 157 as of Saturday.

Apart from leptospirosis — which is caused by urine from rats and other mammals — dengue fever, malaria, diarrhea, skin rashes and other illnesses are common. Of the 35,000 people in evacuation centers, more than half suffer from some disease, most commonly acute respiratory illness, according to the Department of Health.

Efforts to relocate survivors have had limited impact because of the refusal of some affected residents — many of them slum dwellers whose shanties were destroyed— to be uprooted from their communities. According to the government, more than 1.2 million residents still live in damaged villages in greater Manila, some of them with waist-high floodwater.

Children are particularly vulnerable, according to Diwa Gacosta, a local representative of World Vision. She said that cramped and unsanitary conditions had caused an increase in these diseases. “The impact of the flood to children’s health is really a problem,” Ms. Gacosta said Sunday.

Last week, Save the Children, another nonprofit group, issued an alert about the situation.

“Children in these storm-affected areas face a host of dangers that pose a threat to their very survival,” said Latha Caleb, the director of Save the Children in the Philippines. “It is critical now to address the lack of sanitation systems and clean water that are resulting in widespread illness and disease.”

Although both the government and the private sector are making an effort, the humanitarian crisis seems to be overwhelming, prompting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to offer prayers last week for those affected by the calamity.

About 70,000 families in the Manila area live in shanties and huts that block waterways, exacerbating problems with drainage and sewer systems. The government no longer allows shanties to be rebuilt along these waterways; the challenge is relocating the residents.

Cities like Pasig, one of the hardest-hit with several neighborhoods still underwater, are under pressure to find ways to house thousands of survivors. Hundreds who sought refuge in a government-owned gymnasium called PhilSports Arena in Pasig were forced to leave without assurances of a viable relocation site.

According to Jon Vincent Marin, a spokesman from Kadamay, a group that advocates for the urban poor, the evacuees were forced to leave after the government stopped giving out food. City officials denied the charge. The evacuees were also given a few hundred pesos, or just a few dollars, on the condition that they leave the gymnasium, Mr. Marin said.

Ms. Arroyo began a program this month called “Back to the Provinces” to encourage people to leave the metropolis. Families are given a small amount to start over in their provinces, where most of Manila’s slum dwellers come from.

Mr. Marin criticized the government’s efforts, saying the relocation sites offer no livelihood opportunities. “Poverty and lack of livelihood are the reasons why these people come to Manila. If the government moves them to another place where they will have nothing to depend on for income, they will be forced to return,” he said.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Angelina's Visit At the Hospital

Our whole family visited my FIL at the rehab type kind of hospital. It was Angelina's 1st time to visit her grandpa since he was confined for almost a month.

"Hi Grandpa, it's Angelina here," she said.

Goodness gracious! Grandpa just opened his eyes as much as he want and smiled.
We all did cried watching my FIL's reaction upon hearing his precious grandchild's voice.

"I missed you, Grandpa and I don't want you to go to heaven yet," her talking.

In the mind of a 4 year old child, means don't die yet since we didn't teach her yet about heaven or hell. All she knows, if a person dies, he/she will go to heaven.

FIL was shaking his head and we concluded maybe that means, he's not going to die, a reassurance for Angelina.

It's hard to tell or to figure it out on FIL's situation. Whatever God's plan for him, we will take it. So far, the doctor didn't say anything about ending his life yet. He's responding slowly and killing is not a solution for the time being.

The church family has been visiting my FIL in a constant basis now that he's in a regular room.

FIL is a fighter and we can tell how hard he fights for his survival. God is good all the time and His love endures forever. It's not our plan but His plan.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Steak House

After visiting my FIL at the rehab that he was being transferred, Hubby and I were in the mood to eat some yummy and juicy steaks that Friday evening.

We looked at each other and agreed to go to Texas Road House by our neighborhood. As we make our reservation, the lady told us that the waiting time will be from an hour to hour and a half. It was 7:20 PM when we arrived the resto. Since we're really craving for a hunk of meat, we went to the waiting area where barrels of peanuts is being served called, "eat as much as you want".

At first we were in a standing position, no benches or chairs available. Finally, after 15 minutes of standing, two couples got called and got up, so we had the chance to sit down.

It's Friday night so, it was a full house venue. As if everyone was in the mood for steaks.

The wait was worth it and we just take our time talking, throwing some jokes and eating roasted peanuts while waiting for our turn to be called.

Indeed, we had a great dinner in my favorite steak house in town.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ang Teleserye "Nagsimula sa Puso"

Kasisimula pa lang ng teleseryeng ito, hndog ng ABS-CBN para sa madla.

Hinahangaan ko ang sumulat sa nobelang ito. Tuloy naalaala ko ang aking karanasan bilang isang guro mga labing-anim na ang nakaraan. Iba man ang sitwasyon nila Celina at Carlo pero kailan man hindi ko rin malimutan ang nakaraan kung saan naging bahagi na ng buhay ko.

Sa gulang na dalawampu't-tatlo, nagsimula akong manilbihan bilang isang guro sa isang pribadong paaralan ng sekondarya. Hindi maipagkaila na medyo mas malaki pa ang mga ilang estudyante kay sa akin. Alam n'yo na may mga bagay na hindi natin inaasahan na sadyang pwedeng mangyari o hindi depende sa ating pagkatao.

Minsan, hindi natin maiwasan na sa araw-araw na humarap at nakikitungo tayo sa mga estudyante na may puso palang nagmamahal.

Kaya, namalayan at nalaman ko na lang na isang estudyante ang nagka-interes sa aking pagkatao. Labimpito siya nuon at nasa ikatlong taon ng hayskol pa lang dahil sa kanyang pagbubulakbol at ipinaubaya siya ng kanyang mga magulang sa kanilang katulong. Masyado kasing abala sa kanilang negosyo ang kanyang mga magulang. Sa totoo lang, matalino siya talaga at katunayan, siya pa nga ang mayor sa kanilang klasrom.

Simple lang talaga ang aking pagkatao pero maprinsipyo sa buhay. Kung ano ang patakaran ko sa loob ng silid-aralan, dapat lang sundin. Tawagin man ako ng aming prinsipal na "disciplinarian" tama talaga siya kung saan nagustuhan naman niya.

Siguro na-challenged 'yong binatilyo sa akin kaya napansin ko ang kanyang kabaitan sa pag-aaral at lagi siyang nagpapaiwan sa loob at gustong makipagkwentuhan. Sa totoo lang, naasiwa talaga ako baka ano na lang ang isipin ng ibang mga estudyante.

Hindi ko naman siya pwedeng ipagtabuyan kasi wala naman siyang ginawang masama.

Isang hapon, uwian na pagkatapos ng "flag retreat" meron kaming ganuon noon.
Kailangan kong maglakad papunta sa paradahan ng trisikel o multicab. Bigla na lang siyang sumulpot sa harapan ko at niyaya niya akong sumakay sa motorsiklo niya. Unang alok, hindi ko siya pinagbigyan at sinabi kong may dadaanan pa ako at salamat na lang.

Mahirap itakwil ang isang estudyante lalo na kapag sabihin na ikaw ang ginawang inspirasyon sa kanyang pag-aaral. Talagang nakita ko/namin ng kanyang kapwa estudyante ang kanyang pagpupursige ng kanyang pag-aaral at sa mga grado niya.

Hindi pwedeng wasakin ang kanyang nasimulan na pagbabago at pagsusumikap. Natural lang talaga sa isang estudyante ang humanga sa kanyang guro. Para sa akin, hindi ko talaga nadama na may pagtingin ako sa kanya...ibig kong sabihin, pagmamahal.

Estudyante lang talaga ang turing ko sa kanya at hindi ko kayang saktan ang kanyang damdamin at baka magkamali na naman siya ng landas. Para sa akin, tulong ang ginawa ko sa kanya para ipagpatuloy ang kanyang simula ng magandang kinabukasan. Alam ko paghanga lang ang lahat at sa kalaunan mawawala din ang sinasabi niyang pagmamahal.

Linggo ng Wika noon at bawat silid ay kailangang may isang presentasyon. Dahil mahusay at maganda ang boses niya sa pag-awit, siya ang itinulak ng kanyang mga kaklase at nag-second the motion naman ako. Hit na hit nuon ang awit na "Binibini" kung saan 'yon ang kanyang inawit kasi kailangang tagalog talaga para sa Linggo ng Wika. Sabi pa naman na ang awit na ito ay para sa inyong lahat lalung-lalo sa aking tagapayo (adviser). Siyempre walang malisya kasi tagapayo, di ba!

Biro mo nagkakakilig ang mga estudyante sa kanya lalo na ang mga nasa ika-apat na taon. Sa katunayan, gwapo, maputi (makinis) matangkad at very neat siyang magdala ng damit lalo na sa kanyang uniporme. Sabihin nating kahawig ni Jericho Gonzales ...medyo moreno lang si Iko.

Tama si Celina ng sabihin niya kay Carlo na huwag mong ibuhos ang lahat ng 'yong pagmamahal sa akin,magtira ka para sa iyo.

Sinabi ko rin 'yan sa estudyante ko noon at dagdag pa sabi ko sa kanya, "paghanga lang 'yon at balang araw malaman mo rin kung ano ang totoong pagmamahal at magmahal."

Galit ang kapatid kong lalaki isang araw inihatid niya ako sa bahay ng aking Manong. Ipinaliwanag ko kay Manong ang lahat at naintindihan naman niya. Hindi pwedeng wasakin ang buhay ng isang taong nagbabago.

Oo, paminsan-minsan sinamahan ko siyang mamasyal at kumain sa labas. Palaging siya ang taya kasi lalaki daw siya.

Naawa talaga ako sa kanya at nahirapan ako sa sitwasyon. Nirespeto talaga niya ang pagkatao ko at doon ako humanga sa kanya. Nanliligaw talaga siya sa akin pero hindi ko siya sinagot. Ang sinabi ko sa kanya hindi pa ang tamang panahon at baka magbago pa ang kanyang isip.

Ang galing sumagot, "Bahala na ug kanus-a ko magpaabot basta ayaw lang pod ko ibusted."
Para sa kanya MU (mutual understanding) kami. Hanggang ganuon lang tlaga. Dapat lang huwag sirain ang kinabukasan ng isang tao na nangangailangan ng inspirasyon.

Ano ang naging wakas, abangan n'yo na lang sa sunod kong pagku-kwento.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Details, Details

Details make a difference.

Prepositions in our language seem like insignificant details, but they can make a big difference. The words "in" and "for" are an example.

The apostle Paul, wrote, "In everything give thanks" (1 Thess. 5:18). That doesn't mean we have to be thankful FOR everything. We need not be thankful FOR the bad choices someone makes, but we can be thankful IN the circumstances because the Lord can use the resulting difficulties for good.

Knowing that God can use all things FOR good is more than enough reason to give thanks IN everything.Giving thanks in difficult circumstances is a small detail that makes a big difference.

Father, thank You that in every trial, challenge, and difficulty, You are behind the scenes working things out FOR our good. Help us to see Your hand in everything.

"God has not promised to keep us from the life's storms, but He will keep us through them."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Week Vacation

I have 6 weeks of vacation to consumed or else they will be gone like a wind.

So, starting tomorrow...I will have my days off from work but not the whole six weeks.

I have some works to do around the house that I have been procrastinating for months. It's good to be true staying with my family during my days off, it's called bonding moments.

Whether we like it or not, there's a very big decision-making that my family has to think for and in fairness, God is in control in everything that we're doing.

Monday, October 5, 2009

To Let Go or Not...It's In God's Hands

My FIL's condition is not getting any better. It's a shocking and painful feeling for the whole family but there's nothing we can do about it. Our life depends from Above.

He's with a life support at this point of time and sooner or later, He will be at peace with our Creator. Only God's miracle can overcome the crisis that he's been going through

FIL is a very active elderly at the age of 83. He can still drive up to Canon City to visit his sister or attend a HS reunion there. He's so independent living in his own single family home. He likes gardening as one of his daily activities. Above all, he likes to be with his grandchild, Angelina most of the time.

About two weeks now, he fell in his garden watering his plants. He called Angelina, who was playing not too far from him. Yeah, Angelina was with him during that day. Well, what can a 4 year old tiny little child can do? I guess, FIL just got up by himself and assumed he's fine.

After three days of his fall, he called home and complained of back ache. BIL and Hubby decided to take him to the hospital.

Sure enoughed, he was confined at St Anthony Hospital closed to our area. He was diagnosed with a very bad case of pneumonia due to fall. His knees got infected and blood pressure was fluctuating. After three days in the hospital, he's body was giving up and was on a life support from then on.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with the physicians and nurses in the ICU, who's attending to my FIL. They explained everything and it's up to the family to give up on FIL's condition. BIL and Hubby was ready but I told them to hold for how many days since I knew someone who survived with the life support for almost three months in the hospital.

The doctor said his piece, stating that he don't have a crystal ball and besides he told me that I was talking to a six year old child compared to an elderly. He got the point though and I truly understand.
They did the best that they could and have FIL in a maximum dose. For sure, he was very, very highly sedated.

So, they come to a conclusion to give FIL another 48 hours and see for any improvements. If for no postive results or outcomes, his life will end at the age of 83.

TO YOU, DAD...I know you are a great fighter and a survivor, so hang in there and we all pray for you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Tired Are You?

Sometimes, we're just like this, right? Soooo, soooo tired with different kind of stuff. But...hey! it's not the end of the world yet. Life must go on, no matter what! Remember, the Lord is our strength? What a mighty God we serve, AMEN!

Cheer up and you're always in the good hand of the Almighty. Just have a beauty rest and think the positive way!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flu Shot...A Must Or What?

I just made an appointment for a flu shot with our Risk and Management Consultant at work.

It's totally free for all the employees and each family members cost $25.00
Not bad at all.

Since our day was very slow at work. We had the chance to talk with my co-employees.
Flu shot was being brought up. Take note, I'm having a conversation with American Gangs.

Anyway, one said that she never had a flu shot since day one she runs her own life.
Even her three children never ever had flu shots and her kids were so healthy. They get sick once in a while but it's quiet normal, according to her.

The other had the same story and two of my co-workers have flu shots every year.

After hearing the pros and cons of getting a flu shot from my co-workers, I called and canceled my's that?

Well, I never do this kind of routine eversince I got her in the promise land. I would say, I have lots and lots of good and bad bacteria in my system. I came from a third world country, as what other people called my beloved country,, my immune system is still capable in fighting out those harmful germs.

One of my mottos in life, "If I die, so be it!" It's just I don't want that live vaccine to get in contact with my whole me.

My FIL got his flu and pneumonia shots just a week ago and he's very sick right now. He's still in the hospital agonizing and looks like a vegetables to me. I didn't say at all that it was a reaction from both vaccines. The doctors were running some test on him.

So, it's up to me and to you whether to get flu shot or not.

I better go and pick up our Angelina at school.

P.S. Ms. Sha, it's at FRCC (Front Range Community College), Westminster Campus - My Alma Mater!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Juror Duty Again

I listened to the recorded voicemail yesterday if my number was included. For sure, I have to report by 8:00 AM at Adams County Court House in Brighton.

I called my Suprevisor to let her know.

It doens't mean that I'm reporting tomorrow that I will be chosen to be one of the jurors. They still have to do some screening or whatever...that I don't know. I will find this out tomorrow.

I still have to report at work and from there, I have to drive all the way to Brighton.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Caring Hands Chiropractic Appointment

My first time ever! This kind of program is been running here at my work place for years and didn't bother at all to try.

Now that I'm not getting any younger, need to do with all those crackings here and there in my skeleton. I've heard feedbacks from our customers and co-workers that Dr. Bill did a great job with regards to this matter.

This kind of body healing is different from regular body massage. I will tell you my story how it goes after I'm done with it. I have a half hour appointment since it's my first time. If ever I continue with his service, it's gonna be 15 minutes for $20.00

Our health insurance will cover to this kind of service but still I saved 5 dollars since our co-pay is always $25.00. Aside from that, I don't have to drive that far and spend some gas in my car.

Gottago...need to take care some stuff here at work. Hey! Enjoy the very beautiful day. Mr. Sunshine is in the great mood to spread the warm weather out here in our area.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is the 1st day of the autumn season. To tell you was snowing in the mountain already and it started yesterday.

I don't want the cold season to come, I'm not ready yet...lolz! But, who am I to control mother nature? Que sierra! sierra! Whatever will be, will be! (Just in the mood here!)

Sometimes, somewhere or one of these days, we will drive in the mountain to see how the color of the leaves changed. It's the best and most awaited part for the Fall season to watched the colorful trees in the mountains. We can see orange, red, yellow and pink colors, I guess.

Definitely, the cold season is on its way, it's time for me to do some sorting out of clothes in our closet for the winter time. It's one of my routines all year round. Life is life, take it or leave it

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ma and Pa's 44th Wedding Anniversary

I surprised them with a simple dinner in celebration of their long and lasting marriage for life.

I'm so thankful from Above for my parents. Being married for 44 years is an achievement and a great milestones, I would say.

To you, Ma and Pa...congratulations and thank you for being so loving, understanding and hardworking parents for us. We knew, you tried your very best for the benefits of your children. We don't have that luxury in life but you teach us and show us how to live life to the fullest.

We, your children like the kind of lifestyle we had when we're growing up. We learned lots and lots about life as we continue to journey in this world. Because of you, we learned how to face life despite of our fear and anticipation in doing something.

In my part, wish I have that kind of marriage that you have, I mean years of togetherness. At this moment of my life, I prepared myself to be ready of what may happen within a year or two. Who knows...everything is in God's mighty hands. I never lost hope though...but if it's meant to be, I'm ready to move on for the next chapter of my life.

I tend to be strong and thinking the positive side of life. God is great for what He do/did in my life.

Once again, Happy 44th wedding anniversary to my humble and best (for me!) parents.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today Is Mexico's Independence Day

How did I know?

One of our regular customers greeted me with a happy smile on his face. He said it's his 16 years anniversary living in USA and he was 23 year old when he left his country.

What's my reaction?
"Congratulations, now I know."

You think all countries celebrating Independence Day? I'm just curious.

One of the many countries that I want to see is Mexico. We almost made it when Angelina was two year old when we were in California for her 2nd birthday. I didn't apply for a passport yet and so with Angelina, only my hubby who has one.

We just want to cross the boarder of Tijuana(spelling?). Hubby heard that in order to get there, we need some sort of passports.

Who knows, sooner or later my wish in traveling to Mexico will be granted...wink!

Anyway, congratulations Mexico for your freedom. I don't know... to whom since my history is limited...lolz!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Those Were The Days

Can you believe how time flies? This picture shows the friendship and love affair moments with the barkadas. Kahit isa wala talagang nagkatuluyan. At present we're all happily married na talaga. Wala manni isa sa larawan na ito ang nagkatuluyan.

Four of us are currently living in the USA and the rest are happy and content living in our very own Phlippines. Opps! One died at the early age, the guy in the white shirt. Blessed his heart for being such a great guy when he was still alive. He's the life of our party and get-together.

Reminiscing the past just makes me happy. Life is good!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Call From Adams County District 12

I was happy to received the call. Our girl is on the waiting list for the preschool program and this afternoon the lady in-charged called me if I'm still interested of the said spot. Of course, it's my pleasure to have our child in the program.

Angelina and I will have a formal interview on Monday and have to bring all the requirements: Two proofs of residency (Water Bill and Excel Energy), Child's Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, and Physical Exam. From all the informations being given to me, I didn't hear from her about any household income proof.

If our girl get accepted, she will be in school for 4 days a week for 2 and a half hours. The director asked me if I am capable to drive or to transport my girl from home to school.
For sure, I don't have any problem about it.

There are 4 school locations that has an opening according to her and it's not that far from where we live. We will see how everything works on Monday.

If our girl get accepted, I have to withdraw her from my work place.

I can't wait for Monday to come.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angelina's 1st Day In School

As she's moving one step at a time, I can see more and more excitement from her.

We tried to enroll her on a regular basis for the Tiny Tots program which is the K-4 class.

Yes, our small but horrible este terrible Angelina is in so much happiness knowing that she can be with friends in school.

I gave her an evening bath so her Dada won't have problem in the morning from feeding, brushing her teeth and changing her clothes. Although, she's so independent in doing all the chores for herself but still she needs an assistance from an adult.

Now that she knows how to change her clothes, she will pick up the clothes that she wants to wear and she has the stool as her helper to reach those clothes hanging on her closet. What can I do, our baby is now officialy a toddler! At this stage, she thinks she's old enough to handle everything, on her own joyous way...wink!

On her first day of the class, she was begging to take with her the "Hello Kitty" backpack, all dressed up with her favorite pinky dress and white sandals.

As soon as they enter their classroom, they have the circle time with a name tag on their chest. Parents were there the first few minutes watching their children on how they interact with the other kiddos. I saw some parents were taking videos and pictures of their children and I'm one of them of talent and my hobby!

Too bad, I didn't stay that long since I have to be back at the front desk, work, work and work attending to our customers's need. Well, they have playtime in the playground, as soon as the flock of toddlers passed in the lobby our Angelina was so proud to point me and told her classmates, "That's my Mom on the phone!" I waved to all the cute toddlers in return.

Watching and raising our Angelina just make us all happy as one family. It was like a dream how she comes into our life. What an unexpected surprise from Him! To God alone be the glory...his words endures forever! I'm just amaze of His mighty power.

Angelina may not be a perfect child in the eyes of the many but for us, she is a perfect GIFT from Him.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekend Madness

Glad the wedding turned out really great. I was not there the whole time but our representative Angelina was. For sure, the couple had their Honeymoon in Las Vegas right after their wedding. The groom's parents send them to the airport while the bride's children were staying with their grandparents who is our next door neighbor.

Well, I posted on my wall (facebook) that I was hungry already after work and all of a sudden I got a call from a friend stating that she's making some pork soup. I was in a decision making during our conversation because I don't want to upset my Hubby. I called home and told my homebody husbandry that after dropping at Kohl's I will eat lunch in a neighboring friend and promised to be their with our wedding present. He was okay about it and I had a great time eating with our neighboring friends.

After an hour, I guess.. I hurriedly went home and saw all the dressed up people in our next door neighbor's yard. There were some who were in jeans though and I didn't bother at all to changed since I knew I can't stand that long in a crowd of people that I've never seen except for the couple who hosted the said wedding. With a little chitchat with the bride's Dad, I digged out some dirt...just kidding. It's a good dirt, you know?

Every now and then, I had to get out from the fence and came back home and watched TV with my Hubby. Well, Hubby had a prescription pills that needs to be filled. I almost drove to the nearest Walgreens when friends called that they are on their way to pick up some squash. I checked our Angelina again and then be with friends in our own backyard. Wish we did stay longer in our place but were all in a hurry specially me.

Sunday, a friend invited me for a labor day barbecue in a Filipina's abode. Seems like I was not interested at all. I just simply say that I need to stay home with my family.

Well, after attending the Sunday Service, we drove all the way to Broomfield at Heaven's Star Dim Sum Restaurant. What a crowd! Just the parking lot alone, you can tell there's lots and lots of people inside. This place is just brand new maybe months already in business. If yuo know the Heaven's Dragon Restaurant, it's a sister resto with the same owner.

No wonder the place was jumped-packed, the food were excellent and delicious for a Chinese food. I've been to different DimSum restaurant and so far, I'm loving the Heaven's Star the best. If given the chance, we will come back of course.

Anyway, we drove home with our tummy full, thank you, Jesus wa pa jud mi mapasmo...wink!
Same routine, cat nap for my family. While I was watching my show, my phone was ringing. A friend called for a labor day weekend shopping. We talked for a while since it's the weekend and we had unlimited calling...lyf talaga, ano?

After I hanged up, another friend called that they just done eating a big fried Tilapia fish and they had some leftover. I said that we just ate and I'm still full. When she said that she called another friend to come over, I was being motivated to get up from the couch. Their house is not that far from us. Did I just say, I was still full...oh my, I was eating like a pig you know? Just kidding okay? Our bestfriend and appetizer dried fish had his/her presence so who can resist to that? To die for as in.

Oh well, just realized...the mall will closed early during Sundays. So, I gave my friend a call if we can go shopping after I get off from work today, hopefully if my mind wouldn't change for something. Yeah, I do like shopping during the holidays for a very great discount and sales.

I'm still looking forward to to go Colorado Springs though...we will see!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Ma's A Keen Observer

She was asking me if I'm not tired of doing this and that.

I looked at her in the eyes and smiled, "Ma, life in America is always on the go."

You can't just stay in one corner of the house and end up with depression problems.

Well, as a mother, she also keep watching our watch thinking of my whereabouts.

She's not interfering my coming and going but just concern, I guess.

I can relate though now that I'm a mom myself to our one and only Angelina.

I'm trying my best to cope up with everything from home, family, friends, work and church.

My life revolves all those five words I'm talking above.

I remember, back home when I was still single and living in same roof with my parents. I'm still the same person who likes to rock and roll ...lolz!

Well, my parents considered me as one of their black sheep. I have my own principle in life for the better. I stand on my own and living my life slowly but surely. I did not say my siblings are not thinking of their future, of course they do but sometimes people are just too weak when it comes to love and's really true. My parents didn't have any problem at all how I grew up when it comes to love and courtship . I was destined and determined not to follow my heart but my brain as if I have enough brain...wink!

When I was young, I was dreaming to go to another country for adventure (sabi kasi nila kapag may nunal ka sa talampakan, malayo ang ating marating, baka ganuon na nga...ahehehhe!).
I hold to my dreams and my wish was granted by the Lord in a way of marrying my one and only love of my life.
Dreams are my reality...according to the song.

Living with principle and faith in Him will turn into a reality. Honesty, hardwork and determination are the keys to success (for me lang ha, I don't know about u). I considered myself successful in my own way...ahehehe! Having a simple life is the kind of life that I am wishing for. Take note, God will bless us more if you just only knew.

My parents are happy of who I am and Ma always says that I never changed. I'm still the frank, straight-forward individual, friendly and knows how to look for the better.

I can be irritating at times to them but they agreed though, it's just they also have pride like anyone else. Watch out when the ego strikes...lolz!

One thing I can't forget about my Ma, she was washing my white guitar brand shirt ( one of the favorites shirt from my circle of friends) and she saw how bad the stain was from the duhat juice (Lomboy). Ma really takes care of our clothes especially the white ones, it's white as the snow using the Perla soap plus chlorine tidbits. She don't want us to do the laundry at home because we're just wasting the soap and the result was not good according to her. Yeah, I trully admires how my Ma take care of our clothes when I was young and free.

It was early in the morning when she had this ramblings of hers where our neighbors was their to buy some daily needs in her little sari-sari store.

Well, there was a fiesta in a neighboring town and I was with the group with my tagi-nayon. We like to walk like a batalion...ahehehe! It was early dawn (bukang-liwayway) when the dico fiesta was over. It was June then and it's the duhat season. We passed along a lot of duhat trees. So on our way home, the guys climbed the tree even if it's so dark with the help of our flashlights. They keep throwing a branch of the duhat that has a bunch of ripe fruit on it. To kill the time, we just laid in the grass eating a bunch of duhat and throwing each other with the seed that we had to spit out from our mouth. It was for fun, don't get me wrong for the gross thingy. We're almost a family.

That was the longest yawyaw of my Ma with my white shirt.

I told my barkadas how bad was my shirt was and they say didoo with their shirts and pants too.

I got to phone is ringing! Enough na sa pagmuni-muni sa nakaraan!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choose To Rejoice

When times are tough, when things aren’t going as planned, many people have a long, sour face. They’re down, discouraged, worried, and upset.

But when you choose to rejoice, you smile and have a pleasant demeanor no matter what. And it’s not because you necessarily feel like it or because everything is perfect. You just simply smile by faith. You smile knowing that your expression is saying to God, “I trust You. I know you are working all things out for my good.”

Make the decision today and every day to rejoice in the Lord! Put a smile on your face and let the whole world know your hope is in the Lord.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leave the Way Open

We all go through situations where we’re not being treated fairly. Maybe somebody is talking behind your back or trying to make you look bad, maybe you were overlooked for a promotion or cheated in a business deal. When we’re being mistreated, the natural thing is to try to defend ourselves and set the record straight. Human nature wants to get even and get revenge. But the scripture says, “Vengeance is Mine… says the Lord.” That means God wants to make your wrongs right. He wants to pay you back for every unfair thing that has happened. He is a God of justice.

You can either avenge yourself or you can let God be your avenger, but you can’t have it both ways. If you take matters into your own hands, then God is going to step back and say, “Go ahead, do it your way. Looks like you don’t need My help.” But on the other hand, if we choose to stay on the high road and say, “No, I’m going to let God be my avenger and trust God to bring justice into my life”, then you are leaving the way open for God to move mightily on your behalf!

Have a blessed Tuesday morning!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sprinkler Party

BIL was here yesterday and told us he fixed the last valve and today, together with FIL they came back so we can have a sprinkler party as what they called it.
They turned on everything. Angelina and I were so excited to see all the water shooting in our yard. I really want to laugh but I controlled myself infront of my in-laws...lolz!

Why? They were so confident that everything were all done and ready to go. Result? They're all shooting partial amount of water. It was our Angelina who commented and giggled about it.
"Grandpa, it's still broke, I thought you said everything is working great!" her words of wisdom.
Grandpa came closer to Angelina and said, "Well, at least there's water coming out from all those sprinkler's head."

I didn't laugh at all but just smiled.
"Goodness gracious, Grandpa...Lo, has to water with the hose again," her say.
"I'm sorry, Angelina but we thought everything is fine," grandpa's reply.
Since it was getting hot outside to work more, they decided to come back next week and figure out more what's the problem.

Anyway, I'm blessed to have my in-laws around. They like to help us out and just open our garage door without giving us any notice...wink! They're family, right? So might as well, they have the right to get in our territory. I don't mind at all as long as they have to ring the bell before getting inside the house, which they always do.

We get used to it. I told my husband to let go of his ego when his Dad is trying to help him out.

He would think someone just stepped his manhood but for goodness sake, no! Just swallow the pride and accept the fact, right? Think the brighter side...ouched! Hubby just tickled me and we both had a laughed.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Organized, Clean and Refreshing Rec Center

We've been all working hand in hand for our yearly maintenance at work. My work place is closed for the public but all of us, employees have to show up and do some general cleaning like scrubbing chairs, tables, dusting, cleaning windows, touch up paints and anything we can see that needs our tender loving care.

During our cleaning session, one of our suprevisors was in the ladder dusting up the not so high ceiling. Accidentally, she fell down from the top to the floor. I had the loudest screamed ever that caught the attention of my co-employees working in some areas of the building. I witnessed the said FALL together with the other three employees cleaning nearby.

We're so nervous, scared and almost called 911 but the victim told us not to. Praised God that she was okay and came back to work the next day with all her mights and strengths as if nothing had happen to her.

Because of all our hard works, our work place looks very neat and organized. Kudos to EVERYONE!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Manually Watering Our Grass and More

I mentioned before about my FIL fixing our sprinkler at home. He did fixed and after a month or so, all of the sprinkle heads quit working. (Nakakaloka, ano?)

Now, we're back watering our plants and grass manually.

FIL and BIL are working hard fixing the whole system and replacing some parts. Our house was built back in the 60's and for sure our sprinkler system was kind of obselete. Meaning need to be replace...that's according to the expert kunohay, my FIL.

My neighbor just walked across today while we're watering our grass and we had a good chitchat. Our major topic was the sprinkler system since she saw us watering using the hose.

I was terrified (Huh!) when she told me that they just had a new sprinkler system installed and paid closed to 4,000.00. Oh my golash! What a great amount to spend. I can smell another expenses in our very own pocket if FIL and BIL can't fix the said sprinkler.

Poor them, they're digging some dirt and opening the hole where the main line of the sprinkler system is.

Anyway, while I was watering today, our Angelina girl was trying to help me. She has to follow me whatever I do inside and outside the house thinking she's a good helper to me. What can I say? She's a toddler and likes to help no matter how and what. I need to be patient in dealing with her. That way, she can start learning of so many stuff around the house.

Ang bata makapungot man tuod pero kon pahiyuman ka ug halokan ka morag mawala jud ang imong kalagot ug mobanos ang pagpangga ug pagmahal. Mao ni siya life sa usa ka inahan.

Going Digital Satellite

Last July, 2009 all analog TV transmissions were being replaced with digital. The year 2009 is a little far off, but going to digital for every company in the world isn’t going to be an easy undertaking. Joe Barton, a representative from the state of Texas says that this is “a great technical revolution that has been in the making for years”. Not only will the picture be improved for everybody, but the sound also gets a lot better.

If we will just to buy a new Digital TV might as well find a digital satellite provider too. In our case, we have Direct TV as our provider. We enjoy the Direct TV deals like the free movie channels for three months. Hubby can't take his eyes from the HBO, Show Time, Max and more. We will see if he will keep all these movie channels after the time expired.

Another good news, we got the discount from too. Hubby used to work for Qwest company and seems like Direct TV and Qwest Communications have an agreement to give discount for those employees who subscribed to Direct TV.

Right at this moment, I'm watching "Umagang Kay Ganda" (What a Beautiful Morning) from an International channel brought to you by DirectTV.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Closed For Yearly Maintenance

It's a one week ordeal. My workplace is closed but all of us need to be here to do some yearly general cleaning. I don't have to be at work on my regular schedule. We all have to be here at 8:00 AM and start looking around for something to do.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, Jewelry Fun and More

The jewelry show was a success. The hostess earned some points and had a nice gift for hosting.

Jewels by Park-Lane is kind of classy though. I told myself not to order one but my eyes was magnitized by the watch "night moves" as being called.
I like to collect watches of different kind and brand. I considered this likes of mine as an investment. Enjoy life as long as we can afford, right?

If you have the interest in terms of fashion jewelry, you can check out and you can see my night moves, watch. It's not that really fancy but I like it. Well, the price was right!

You have to pay the first item with the highest amount, then you can get 3 items for the amount of $12.00 each equal to the amount of the first item and then the 5th item will be for free which is equal to the 1st item you pay. Yeah, it's kind of confusing how I explained but if you want further info just message me. This good deal will be until Tuesday only.
We had a great lunch and dinner indeed! We visited two more houses after the show and did some chika here and there. The gang were engrossed to go to the mall but it was kind of late to go shopping.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go, Go, Go To Denver Botanic Garden

I do love my part time job for eight years now. I have to be at work so early and then get off by noon or 1:00 PM.
That means, I have plenty of time to spend with family and friends around the neighborhood.

Last Thursday, girlfriends were having a three way conversation. I told them about Denver Botanical Garden was open for the public and just an instant gratification, off we went to the said amusement place.

What a very memorable experienced we had. It was our BESTFRIEND LERIO's 34th birthday!

Wow! in one of our photos, we let her hugged a giant pot of white Roses as our unforgettable moment together during her natal day. It was an additional bouquet of flowers aside from all those red Roses that her Hubby gave to her.
We just strolled around the garden and taking our time posing, laughing, and lots of talking.

I was so guilty of the situation during our dinner. It was the birthday celebrant who paid for our Panda Meal. She said, it was her blow-out celebration with her two neighboring friends. Thank you again and again friendship Ler, for sharing your blessings to the needy...ouch!...wink!

When I came home, it was past 8:00 PM and Hubby asked about our trip and how our Angelina behaved. What can I say? Of course, I said the truth, nothing but the truth!

Good thing about going to bed late on Thursday, I'm off the following day! What a great feeling!