Saturday, January 22, 2011

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day. I was trying to catch up with my volunteer hours in our girl's school or I will have to pay some amount. 36 hours per year is not bad at all.

Around 11:00 AM, I leave the premises and picked up Hubby at home for his appointment. We made it on time and time flies, I fetched our girl at school and so with our carpool. We ate lunch in a seated restaurant and went home to take an afternoon nap.

Around 4 PM, we started getting dressed for our malling and grocery shopping. Flatiron Mall was our point of destination looking for Be, Holli and Abre---- on sale, wink! There were but not my taste of style.

Anyway, this one stool for hair straightener in the mall told me about the best for our hair. If ceramic was popular for how many years, now they are introducing the TITANIUM thingy. Amazing how all these chichiburichi in life. Just curious, paretty soon TITANIUM will be all over the globe...lolz!

Anyway, while at the mall, a friend called if we can eat at Golden Coral. I was hungry then and so with Angelina. We left the mall and had a great dinner.

Our eating session was over past 9 PM and decided to go grocery shopping at TARGET. There were some great deals at the store and I grabbed it with pride and joy...wink!

It was past 10 PM when we arrived home. Friday is my day off and turns out to be a busy DAY!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday!

We went to the early service today so we can meet someone after. Indeed, we had a great time together and later, we've been invited to eat out at Applebee's. Since hubby didn't go with us, I just ordered a meal of baby back ribs so we can eat together as family at home.

As usual, my dearpie was kilig to the bones thanking how thoughtful his wife is.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We Love To Watch Arthur

This guest post from Josue Nichols

I'd have to say that my favorite children's educational programming is Arthur. We watch it on PBS via Directtv satellite deals nearly every day. When the kids are watching Arthur it's hard not to sit down and join them.

Arthur is a show based on the books written by author Marc Brown. It's great. The characters have unique personalities just like a regular group of school-aged friends. They share good times and bad together and try to make it fun.

Arthur is surrounded by his friends Buster, Brain, Francine, Muffy, Binky and more. There is the bully, the brain, the best friend, the tomboy,the rich kid and any other ordinary children that you might come across on a school playground. The show is based around Arthur and his family. We get to experience real childhood situations through a child's eyes.

Marc Brown makes it fun to watch Arthur lose his first tooth, get a new baby sister, learn about lying, bullying and friendships. Not to mention Arthur's little sister D.W. she's always getting herself into sticky situations or bothering Arthur. Our kids are able to laugh at and with Arthur and relate to what he's going through. Sometimes it even leads to conversations about school and friends. Arthur is good, wholesome fun for the whole family.