Friday, August 26, 2011

What A Joy

21 days of vacation was not enough to be with family in my country but I did spend most of my time with them instead of friends. Since I don't have time to be with friend's outing, they visited me at home. It was nice seeing some of them.

A's having so much fun playing with the kids in our village. She don't even want to go back here. I agree with her. It's just me and her. If not with Grandpa, we will be staying their for good...((:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Upcoming Couples Camping Trip

Guest post written by Gabrielle Stevens

Now that our kids are off in college and not around the house all the time, we're doing things that we put off doing for years before. Just one of those things is planning a really big couples trip for us and some of our closest couple friends. As much as I miss having my kids around all the time, it's nice to do things like this whenever I'd like.

I guess that because it was my idea, I was kind of elected to do all the planning for it, but I'm fine with that. I've always been a very take charge person that would rather do the extra work to make sure things turn out the way that I want. While I was online looking up camp site pricing, I ran across teh website I looked through it and after that I decided to sign up for a hearing aid test, which is something I've meant to do for a while now anyway.

I do have most of the details for all of our couples camping fun planned out, I just need to make sure that we go grocery shopping and buy the appropriate things to cook there before the big weekend!

Arguing Over Chloe King's Super Powers

Guest post written by Jamie Ventura

You could say that I'm kind of a nerd. But I embrace it. Yes I love Star Wars and a whole treasure trove of all kinds of sci-fi shows to go along with them. But with all that barely useful knowledge about supernatural powers of characters, I can really put up a heck of an argument about watching shows with supernatural stuff in them. It's actually one of my favorite pastimes to do.

Last week my roommates and I - who's as equally nerdy about this kind of stuff - had an argument over the supernatural powers of the main character in the Nine Lives of Chloe King. Because we were arguing, I had to look up a detail to clarify for sake of the argument and while I was doing that, I ran across I showed it to my roommate and we decided to switch over our house's internet service to it.

the part that we were arguing about in regards to her Chloe King super powers was how hers differed from the other supernatural creatures on the show. I ended up being right!


After all the calls, back and is now confirmed! They said, money can't buy happiness. So might as well, enjoy life to the fullest!

Just a note: In a right way of course. It's just my way of living. Christian people need to set as a good example. Am I good enough? Just kidding but true..

Have a happy day, All!