Saturday, May 26, 2012

Too Many Parties

Summer is the season where people are so busy with different outdoor activities.

Parties here and there.

A and I were invited for a birthday and graduation party. I got the invitation first for the graduation and confirmed that I am attending. Bad me, I fell asleep yesterday! When I woke up, it was too late to drive and be with friends. Bummer!

Today, another graduation party is being held. I declined and don't feel like going anywhere. At the end, I ended up working late afternoon. My Sup called if I can come to work because of some circumstances...I love my job, might as will work and tow my A with me.

Tomorrow, there's a picnic at Eldorado Springs and I doubt it if I go, I know the motive of the get together. I verify with the person inviting me. We joked each other about it. I'm single but not ready to mingle.

I have a great friend who is so nice to me and I'm sure that person is reading this blog of mine. You know who are you, it is YOU!...:)

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