Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sometimes life is so hard.

It's hard to you are giggling and laughing like crazy and all of a sudden your mood change. You feel like you want to cry but there's no tears, you feel like you want to die but your still breathing, and you can feel the emptiness in your inner you.

I was watching, "My Girl" and "Iisa Pa Lamang" last night and I was crying like crazy. I was carried by my emotions. My little girl was asking why I was crying and I told her, it's because of the show that I'm watching.

She hugged me so tight and reassured me that it's gonna be okey. Funny little child.Have a great morning, EVERYONE!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waking Up

Did I just woke up?

Can you imagine? As soon as I woke up, I clean our upstairs bathroom. This is our main bathroom that's being abuse all year round...lolz!

I used the Lysol and disinfect the entire room. Ma's cleaning our house most of the time but you know...She's a good cleaner but as she grows old, it's hard to say anymore. I don't want to say anything, I mean hurt her feelings and just let her do her stuff. She's a great help in our house specially her cooking talent. I would really missed Ma and Pa when it's time for them to go home.

Oh well, I can't hold them to stay. I have more siblings in the Philippines that needs them.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Morning, Sunshine

I feel good today. I've just done cleaning, organizing and dusting the counter area where I always work at. I'm not a clean and neat freak person but I want everything to be in order. I'm not also the obsessive compulsive individual. It's just being me.

I can work and function better if everything is in the proper places. How's that? Do you feel the same?
Monday...I have lots of things to accomplish today after work. I need to pay our house before the grace period or they (mortgage company) will charge a late fee on us. I always pay our mortgage 2 days before the deadline. Just being practical again...

Before the day is over, I need to set up an appointment for Angelina's first dental check up. I've been procrastinating this for months already.For dinner tonight, I need to grill some pork chops then slice it and mix with my macaroni salad plus the lettuce. Sounds yummy, right?

I better go now and keep working here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Was A Joke

....but Hubby was so pissed of me. Why? We're downstairs watching TV and he was playing with his boxer. Since he's skinny compared before so he put it all the way up above his hips. We were still laughing though and I said you look like Mr. Bean. I can just see the anger on his face with his big rolling eyeballs.
He was so sensitive about it and he said he don't like Mr. Bean.I do like Mr. Bean because he's so funny. I didn't tell him literally that his face is like Mr. Bean but when he pulled up his boxer.

I said sorry of what I've done but that's not right? We're having fun and joking and he took it very seriously. Sometimes, it is hard to understand my better-half. He didn't sleep with us last night because of his crazy madness.

He took his pillows and slept in our couch downstairs.This morning, he called and apologized for his behavior...Okey, apologized accepted with feelings. Wink!