Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hold Onto Good Deals

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton

I think I actually have the website, www.DirectStarTV.com, book marked on my computer at home. I did it a few months ago when I was first considering getting a different TV service set up at our house. I think I came across it and realized how nice it would be to have installed. It had a lot of local channels available and at a really good price compared to what we were getting using our other provider. I am loyal to companies and providers when they are worth being loyal to. I am definitely loyal to this company now. Any time I have needed help, it has been so easy to talk to a person about the problem I was having. The bill is not high at all and I definitely think I am getting more than what I am paying for. I love that feeling. It is a sign that you have a real deal and it is definitely rare to find that nowadays it seems. Once you find a good deal, you have to stay loyal to it as long as it works and so far, this one is working. Thank goodness for that!

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