Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kids Having So Much Fun

It's our girl's last day of school yesterday for this year. They will be back nexy year on the 4th of January, according to their school calendar.

Our girl's Pre-K party turned out really great and fun. All the kids got their present from their teacher and the teacher assistants. In return, some of the kids, including our girl brought some presents to give to their beloved teachers.

It's so cute watching all the 4 year old singing their rendation of a song to their parents in the tune of Jingle Bells, Merry Christmas and Twinkle2x Little Star.

They have some fruit punch, cookies, fruits and veggies for their tiny Christmas Party.

I was glad our girl enjoyed her day at school with her classmates and friends.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Girl's Christmas Party At School

I almost forgot about their party not until, she reminds me this morning.

I signed up to bring some fruits and veggies for their Christmas celebration.

Glad that the weather is cooperating, I thought the snow is coming to town but I woke up with the sun smiling on me. Thank you, Mr. Sunshine!

After our girl's Christmas party, we will go for a little window shopping with my friend. She needs to buy something for her husband and so do I.

We will see where our feet gonna take us this afternoon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My 1st Time To Drive At Castle Rock

My Saturday is kind of busy.

It's my bananarama's birthday and need to entertain him and spend our quality time together.

After goofing around in our house, we went out to visit my FIL minus our Angelina.

When it was time for us to leave the hospital, Hubby and I decided to eat out since we both were craving for Salad. Off we went to Sweet Tomatoes, where it's a salad Buffet with the rest of the pastas, bread and deserts.

It's been like ages we haven't visited thi space and this afternoon, we were kind of's nice to be back!

Off we went to SAM'S Club to buy some of our daily needs at home. According to Hubby, there's only one roll left of our toilet paper. So, I guess it's one of our vital needs.

Hubby was so exhausted after what we've done all day. While I was driving, I asked him if I can go to Castle Rock without him. He allowed me, as long as I will take Angelina with me and have another adult. So, I called a friend and she was more than willing to walk around the outside Mall and have some fun window shopping.

We both like walking as our execise inspite of the cold weather. We're all bundled up though, we tackled the coldness for sure.

It was 4:30 PM when we left our abode and we came home safe and sound by 9:00 PM.
Anytime with the exception of snow time, I can drive on my own going to Castle Rock without the aide of my Hubby. It wasn't bad at all driving farther going South of Denver. Thank you, Jesus for the traveling mercy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Simple Thoughts To Ponder

" When your mind is clean and your heart is pure. When your character is Godly and true. That is wealth!"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

911 Call

I was given the tasked to call dispatched yesterday. The IT (information Technology) in-charged next door told me to do some testing if all our phone system works.

"Zima, make sure whoever answered the phone, tell him/her that we're just doing some tests," according to the very nice IT next door.

I dialed the 3 digits numbers and for about two rings, someone answered my call.

"911, how may I help you?" per dispatched.

"Hi, my name is ms so and so and just testing our phone line if our calls get through," my low tone of voice.

After the dispatched recognized and read our address in his computer, I finally said thank you.

That was an easy!

I was almost tempted to apply for a job being a dispatch for a 9-11 call but with the heavy volume of calls and with the kind of English and accent I have...for sure, I'm not qualified for the said!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It Was Christmas

I went for a Christmas vacation in my oldest sister's place in Manila back then. It was via boat/ship since we can't afford to fly.

Christmas in the City is so bonggalicious but to tell you what, I don't like the noise in big Cities. It's because it's Christmas time and my sister will give as some money, lumuwas kami ng!

Take note, hindi siya mayaman at may kaunting kabuhayan lang but naiangat niya ang kanilang kabuhayan dahil sa kanyang sipag at tiyaga. Sad to say that pumanaw na siya two years ago.

She left us with lots of memories. She survived living in Manila without asking any help and financial support. Siya pa nga ang nakatulong ng malaki sa aming pamilya. The problem with Manang, she don't know how to be matipid. We all (family members and relatives) called her "one day, one millionaire". Once she has this huge amount of money as a profit from their business, she's not at home all day. She's somewhere shopping-yeah, for their needs naman but to the maxed, hindi ko talaga maintindihan. She gave some money to her children because according to her, she want her kids to enjoy what she didn't enjoy during her younger years...mali o tama, I'm against about it. Kaya, she ended up spoiling her children.

Maski wants lang, bibilhin niya.

Back to Christmas, she prepared a bonggalicious party. Mga kamag-anak kahit saang sulok ng Maynila mag-get2gether. Madaling araw pa lang gising na siya sa pagluluto. Maliit lang ang bahay nila pero kasya pa rin ang mga tao...sardinas! Buti na lang may maliit na kamalig where all the workers can sleep aside sa mga kamag-anak na nagsidatingan. To be honest, ako ang naguguluhan at naiingayan. Naitanong ko sa sarili ko, bakit ganito ang lifestyle nila?

It was fun dahil maraming relatives and friends. Maaga palang nagsimula na ang inuman nila. Simula na ng kanilang kalasingan. Nakakatuwa pero nakakainis. Simpleng kaligayhan lang naman daw ang sabi...magkainuman ang mga friends and relatives.

I told my sister, I like living in the province. Tahimik at mura lang ang bilihin doon. Makalanghap tayo ng sariwang hangin. Oh my gulay! Electric fan nila 24/7 takot ako baka! May maliit sila na AC pero sa kwarto lang naman nila at nakaandar maski walang tao..ay ang kuryente ang laki ng binabayaran nila every month. Nakakaloka talaga ang buhay nila! Paano kasi ang init-init sa Maynila.

Manang can't leave Manila kasi doon ang kabuhayan niya. Kaya, every time na uuwi kami pabalik sa probinsiya pinabaunan niya kami ng malaking halaga na pera (malaki na 'yon sa akin kasi bata pa ako eh! lol) at nakabili kami ng mga bagong damit. Ang nakakatuwa, may dala kaming taro/lata ng biscuits.

It was fun naman pero hindi ko ma-take ang manirahan sa malaking siyudad. Buti na lang napadpad ako dito sa!

Marami pa sana akong kwento pero wala na akong oras. Maghanapbuhay pa ako dito pero hindi kagaya sa Manang ko. Ako, gusto kong maging isang ordinaryong empleyado pero siya susugal siya sa negosyo. Well, she's so good talaga sa pasikotsikot pero sa katipiran, hindi siya papasa sa akin. Isa siya na nakapag-impluwensya sa aing with regards to nicer na mga gamit...which is good naman. Di ba, the nicer the brand, the longer it last?

I remember the Bandolino shoe story. Binilhan niya ako nuon at super talaga ang tibay. Mamatay na lang ako at buhay pa ang sapato na 'yon. Pero hindi ko na alam kung kaninong mga feet na siya nagserbisyo!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Beloved FIL

He's been close to three months in the hospital. Without health insurance, life would be hard for him and for us his children taking care of him.

We just received the 1st month bill and it cost $345, 000 just to be in the ICU. Glad that my FIL has a very good health insurance.

He's getting better everyday and now they're working on his mobility, walking in particular. He's complaining of so much pain on his back and legs. We explained to him, it's because he's been in bed for too long plus all his past back surgeries in almost every organ of his body.

Since he was born and up to the present time, he already had 26 surgeries, pretty amazing for an 83 year old.

He has a very good fighting spirit with the help from Above. According to him, he wants to live more so he can see Angelina grew up...take note not! It's for his best friend and grandchild, Angelina. They're best buddies, to be fair.

Today, one of Dad's hi and hello to us was, "How are you, guys doing with your finances?"
In fairness, FIL is our guardian Angel when it comes to finances. Hubby won't do the move but I do tell my FIL on how is Rich's doing with his business! But I never mention anything now, that he's in the hospital. So far, so good pa naman with God's guidance.

As long as we are faithful to Him, He will take care of our needs. Trials and tribulations may come along our way but it's one way of testing how faithful we are to Him. My one and only priciple, don't give up and pray without ceasing.

Anyway, Fil's been asking when he can come home and be with us. Hmmm... seems like it's not the right time yet.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Looking For Satellite Provider?

We're with Direct TV for years now. Hubby and I are just loving the kind of service we have with our satellite provider.

One of these days, we will be moving to a different place but the same state. Since we're liking the service with the Direct TV in Colorado, we have to continue with our service with them.

Through DirectTV, two more people in our household are more than happy because of the great entertainment we have at home. It's the one and only satellite provider that carries The Filipino Channels - (TFC).

TFC, is an international Filipino entertainment brought to you by Direct TV. My parents are enjoying every shows that the TFC have. It really helps to ease their boredome and from being homesick away from home sweet home, Phlippines.

Aside from the entertaining TFC, Direct TV really has over 130 of the Best HD Channels to enjoy.

For others though, it is highly desirable. High Definition changes TV watching from something you do, into something that you experience. High definition is exactly what it sounds like, it is a far more defined picture and sound. The high definition TV screen has one-thousand and eighty verticle lines of resolution, that it uses to create the picture on your screen with and this twice as many as the standard TV screen has. Again, it's only through Directv that we can enjoy this kind of privilege.

So, if you're thinking to put up a new satellite provider, go to for the great offer and promotions they have. See it for yourself and take the chance of the great deal. Check it out!

It's Fun To Be Doing Something

Can't believe how busy I was for the past days until now. I can't even watch my Filipino Soaps on TV. I didn't bother to pay our monthly bills yesterday and told myself to do it today,!

Well, after I dropped off Angelina at her school, my friend and I went to Flatiron Mall for just sight seeing and at the same time trying to exchange the pants from Banana Republic that I bought at Castle Rock.

When I bought the pants, I didn't bother to use the fitting room thinking I got the right size and that time the place was packed.

Glad, I got what I want yesterday. It was mission possible.

By the time I came home it was past 8:00 PM and time for us to prepare for bed. I tried to get up after our Angelina fall asleep so I can watch my soap but I was dead tired I guess and had a soundless sleep according to my Dearpie. Yeah, I slept in our couch with our TV on until 1:00 A.M., Hubby didn't carry me upstairs. He just woke me up and told to move in our comfy bed.

Well, today... I'm so excited to be with Dear friends but it's snowing. Don't have any plan B yet...wink!

Opps! I want to talk more but it's getting busy here in my end. It's work related issues...