Friday, February 26, 2010

Furnish Filter

Finally, our filter in the furnish was changed. It's a good feeling to breath a clean air.
Now, my job is to unscrews those tiny holes where the air go through and vacuum all of them.

I don't know how many days would it take but it's my project before the month of February ends,

Happy Friday, ALL!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Power To Transform

Are you looking for a subtle change in the size of your breasts or do you want a dramatically different look?
Do you want a very full breast that changes your silhouette? Or, just a little enhancement? Do you know your options regarding implant material, surface texture and "projection"... and how those factors can change the result?

As we can see, the reasons for cosmetic surgery are intensely personal and meaningful. It's a decision to make after years of contemplation.

I'm talking about breast augmentation where millions of people around the universe are into it.
I've seen and heard of people complaining or whining for having a tiny breast and feel so insecure when they see this very humongous bumps of other women. They think they are 10 year old girl with a flat front. Whatever you have just take it or you will end up with vanity.

"But I wanted to feel like a grown woman and look more proportion," listening to someone.

It's our choice, right? We deserve to put Ourselves first!

Beng a candidate for a cosmetic surgery and undergoing breast implant, you need to know who is qualified to perform breast cosmetic surgery. You must take the initiative to verify and recognize who is this surgeon that has adequate training, experience, board certification, and credentials that directly relate to the procedure.

The two most common means of finding a qualified provider to perform your breast cosmetic surgery include referral and your own research. Combining both of these clearly can be most effective. You also should consider the influence of the many physicians who advertise cosmetic surgery of the breast. If you are considering cosmetic surgery of the breast, hopefully, you won’t find or seek out a provider by responding to bargain advertisements or special offers. While advertising is a common and acceptable practice, it may not tell you the whole story. Always check credentials and seek out some form of referral to that physician.

Good luck to the power of the new you!

The Beauty In Skin Care

Can't deny, can't hide and can't cry when wrinkles attack. Let's just accept the fact that we're not getting any younger at all. As we age, it's hard to maintain the flawless and smooth looking skin. Shall we say, those were the yesterday's years.

But wait, have you heard about some stories over the internet,radios and television about having younger looking skin despite of old age? Well, lots of researchers and scientists are trying to invent something and one of these is the s invention of new skin care products.

Yes, there's so many skin care products that's been out in the market. It's hard to choose which is which. All we have to do is to listen the testimonies of people who were into it and see the great effect of the products. Just for clarification, not all skin care products is suitable to the same person. It depends on your kind of skin.

I've found this website online called skin care products that offers different kind of products. From anti-aging and wrinkles, acne treatment and just regular maintenance for your daily flawless skin ever.
Taking care of our skin and making it flawless everyday is the best that we can offer to ourselves.
New Skin Care Product Trends

I was Guilty But Need to Be Firm of What I Say

Well, our girl was not taking her nap when I came home yesterday from work.

I told her that once the clock says 10:00 and more it's time for you to hit the bed.

She was in bed, when I came home but pretending or just started her nap time. It was already past 11:00 AM.

She falls asleep about 11:30 AM and didn't bother to wake her up not until 2:00 PM.

When she woke up, "Mama, you didn't wake me up, it's already 2:00, I missed my school!"

"See what happen when you won't take your nap early, you overslept...tomorrow if you will do the same thing, another no school for you," sharing my thoughts to her.
She was really crying for missing her Monday at school.

She settled down after a while and said, "Tomorrow, you will wake me up so I won't be late, right? As long as I am sleeping already when you come home?"

I said yes to her and gave her hugs and kisses for opening her mind of what is good or bad.

Yeah, I was kind of guilty of not waking her but sometimes I have to be tough for what I'm doing for our child.

Keep up the good work, Little One.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Making An Appointment With Our Health Provider

I remember the first few months that I arrived here in the land of milk and honey, USA. I was so amazed how everything is almost different from where I was born and raised.

Hubby was my mentor and I do appreciate all his hard works. According to him, there's cuteness on how I reacted and respond to everything that was new to me.

Anyway, one day, I applied for a job. One of the requirements was a physical exam. I had the form with me and I need a doctor's signature that I am capable to work.

I called Hubby at work, asking if he can take me to a doctor. Well, I was so excited to begin with, I mean working for the 1st time in the foreign land. So, Hubby was kind of busy when we had our phone conversation. "I will take you, Dear and I better go because I have a client next to me."

Hearing the right word, "I will go with you," I prepared myself to get ready to see a doctor.

When Hubby came home, he was surprised seeing me in jeans and blouse. Normally, I wear shorts inside the house and he can always tell the difference in me, whether just staying at home clothes or an outing one.

He really apologized to me of not explaining any further of what's being transpired during our phone conversation. He told me that going to a doctor's office in America is by appointment. First we have to call over the phone and set up with a time and day where the doctor is available to see me.

As I was browsing the internet now, I saw this page Find an STD Testing Clinic where we can make an appointment within the same day as you call. We can call this Patient Service Center and they rest assure that our visit will only be 15 minutes as long as we have to call an hour ahead.

Blood work and blood testing can be an irritating process but once it is vital for us, we just have to be patient and have to wait accordlingly. Amazingly, I'm so impressed of the new technology where we don't have to wait for hours and hours in a clinic for some blood works and other health related issues.

All you have to do, just type your zip code and it would direct you to the nearby location closed from home.

Sunburst Grill On Snowy Sunday

As you can see in my other blog, I posted about staying at home due to weather condition.

I did have a great time watching ASAP XV and the Buzz in the afternoon and at the same time talking with friends around the United States. We're taking the advantage of my free minutes on the weekend.

While I was in the middle of watching the "The Buzz", another friend called and we talked for quite a while. Later on, we had a three way conversation. As we laughed and talked about anything under the sun, our topic was diverted to food, specially soup. I forgot to offered them my Sotanghon soup because we're all excited to go to a DimSum Restaurant at Heaven Star.

WE don't have the lucked when we went there since DimSum time was over at 3:00 PM. We had planned B and it was the Sunburst Grill. (A very special thank you to my KUMARE, for giving us the address via internet.) I've been there but can't get the exact route. It was my friends first time to the restaurant.

We ordered, sinigang na Baboy, Guisadong Bihon, sizzling grilled squid, Crispy Pata, Chicken B-B-Q and Halu-halo for dessert. Weird? I mean, Halu-halo for a cold and snowy weather? One of our friends is pregnant and she has the craving for it. Every now and then it's good to eat in a Filipino reataurant, where this place is the only Filipino eatery in our area not unless if you want to drive to Colorado Springs.

It was a lot of food for three people, right? We didn't eat all of them since we're all full. So, we took some of our leftover.

Our jounrney didn't end! We dropped by to E-Mart, Not H but E...wink! Our first time there and we saw lots of Filipino delicacies. So far, this is the only store I've known that carries lots of Filipino goodies. I was almost tempted to buy 50 Lbs of rice but looking at the weather outside, it's not a good time to haul some heavy! One of these days, I will take my parents there.

WE arrived home, safe and sound past 9:00 PM. The snow was pouring hard while we were on the road. Thank you, Angie for the smooth and safe drive. Salamat sa pag-agwanta...katawa lang ko ani nga term ba...winky do!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Missed You Like Crazy

Presenting and advertising the new movie of my favorite love team, Bea Alonso and John Lloyd.

They just guested at Wowowee this afternoon and all the people were so happy and excited for their come back as a love team.

I love to watch Wowowee on Saturday it's because there's a lot of celebrities. I have three birthday invitations to go but I chose to stay at home to be with my Hubby.

Besides, its been snowing for three consecutive days now. I don't like driving in the snow with lots of cars on my way. It's fine going to work because there's no one in the road, as if it's just me and it's only 2.5 miles away from our residence.

For our dinner, we have adobong manok, steamed veggies and paksiw na Pompeno. For our dessert, we had ripe sweet Mango.

Have a great evening!

Glad To Be A Working Mom

Having a toddler and at the same time working is very challenging. I always love to work ever since. I remember those days when I just gave birth to our one and only baby girl. My husband told me to quit my job and be a full time Mom since day care in the USA is very expensive. I mean, budgeting to put our child in a childcare while I'm at work is not worth it.

Well, I only work part time, 24 hours a week, 6 hours a day, Monday to Thursday. I did cry during that time when my husband said so. I really like my job and it helps to meet our needs or shall we say my needs. Hubby and I had a hard talk and we finally come to a conclusion that I can continue working if my employer will agree and work out with my schedule. Glad that my boss really understand my situation.

Well, I will just be away from home for 3 hours only though since our girl is still in bed when I have to get up and be at work. Not too bad, as if I'm just taking a break to go shopping or be with friends. No dull moments to be away from home. Thankful, I found a job that really works for me and my girl.

Anyway, I work for a company that always use a hands on computer. It's the nature of my job aside from being on the phone.

As our years age, computer is always on the rise. Connection and server with our computer is very important so our work can run smoothly. Glad that we have sun microsystems servers
to help as out with all our needs when it comes to computer and networking.

I do understand, that if we have troubles with our computers, we have to get hold of the IT people who are our co-employees and it's them who will get in touch with the Sun Microsystems.

Working with a computer, being handy-dandy all the time is great and fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sports Is Fun

Have you heard about Ultimate Fighting Championship, (UFC)? Are you familiar with this kind of sports? Well, it is a mixed martial arts (MMA) kind of sports that is love to be watch by the viewing public.

The whole members of our family likes to watch UFC. We are interracial but we have one thing in common, watching some fights whether it is boxing, UFC or wrestling.

Our very own countryman, Manny Pacquiao, a boxing titlest will have this very popular fights coming. Once and for all, we will watch the said fight through pay per view in our very own home sweet home.

I would say, watching something interesting is kind of fun for the whole family to enjoy and relax.

Aside from being the Manny Pacquiao avid fans, there's more fighters that we can check out at UFC & MMA News for the great fighters all over the world.

This coming weekend, Saturday the UFC will debut in Sydney, Australia with UFC 110 featuring’s fourth-ranked heavyweight “Minotauro” Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (32-5-1) versus Cain Velasquez (7-0) for a shot at UFC champion Brock Lesnar (4-1).It is live on per per view. I've heard on TV and read about it that it is a very close fight for these heavy weight fighters.

May the best man win when it comes to UFC.
So in order to get updated of the UFC schedule, just check it out on the net and with an instant, it gives you all the information that you need.

Valentine's Day 2010 With Grandpa

She wants Grandpa's day special on Valentine's.

She asked me if we can buy a Valentine's card and a balloon for him.

Her request was granted and we went to Walgreens to buy the stuff that she wants.

Valentine's 2010 falls on Sunday, so right after the church service, we drove to Grandpa's place and he was so happy to see his granddaughter who always has a very big grin on her face.

Grandpa was already in the wheelchair when we arrived. While we were there, Angelina was kind enough to push Grandpa's chair where the two of them were strolling in the hallway of the facility.

Every now and then Grandpa has to shed some tears of happiness that he still has the chance to be alive after a month of coma and a total of almost 4 months in the hospital bed.

I therefore say, God has a purpose why he put Grandpa's life back into into action. We don't know how long but at least he got the chance to say some words to his children, granddaughter, sister, DIL, friends and relatives before anything happens again.

God is really great! Just cry out and hold on to HIM. He's always there to do what's best for everybody. Prayers from the anointed and faithful believers really plays a great impact in someones' life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They Missed Our Girl

Came in to work this morning without tagging my girl. Clients, patrons, customers and friends were asking where is the little Angel of mine.

"We sure missed her presence greeting us early in the morning," the common phrase I've heard from them.

I said thank you to my bosses for allowing me to take Angelina to work. It was so nice of them.

When I woke up this morning, my girl was still in bed and soundlessly sleeping. Now that she has company at home I allowed her to sleep a little bit late around 9:00 PM since she don't have to wake up early.

To be honest, she was liking going to work with her Mama. We slept as early as 7:00 PM so she can have enough sleep during those days. Looking at her, I believe in the saying..."Early to bed, early to rise, makes your body healthy and wise."
Wish, I can sleep like our girl from 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM but as I aged, my sleep pattern is totally different from her's.

As always, we're always on schedule of what we're doing every day of our lives. We both likes our daily routines.

Just as I came home today, she was so happy greeting me at our back door, "Mama, I just took my shower with the Lola and we used the Palmolive shampoo from the Philippines."

You think it was cute? I would say so...

How did she know that it was Palmolive? It was her lola who read it for her. She can read some 2-3 syllables but not the Palmolive! She pretend she's reading to it but technically, she's memorizing it. Amazing how kids handle their learning skills.

Got to go and drop her off to school. Have a great Wednesday, ALL!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It Was A Night With Magic

Instant get together is so much fun. No preparation and simply it's a go, go, go!

Yes, the chikachika here and there with regards to buhay-buhay in life is the best. It's a pleasure to share someone's happiness, sadness and all the NESS in life.

Actually, it's like..."hello my dearest friend, let's have dinner in our home." Isn't it sweet?

Thank you, Mare for having us over to your home sweet home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Child's Listening Skills

I was smiling deep inside my heart when our girl asked me of something that happened.

She was there during the whole ordeal and was just being quiet but when I was driving and she in her little throne of happiness start grinding some interesting questions. I never though that she was very attentive to the whole conversation that transpired on that day.

Here's the scenario: Someone has a very important event to attend to bu didn't show up. We called the home phone, cell phone and did everything that possible but didn't get a reply. Our thoughts, for some reason this person forgot about it or who knows?

I was summoned to helped out from the start and didn't have any clue that someone's temperature was boiling.

To make the story short, after the event was over, the person who is in-charge showed up and apologized for the messed she/he made.

My! the person she/he/'s asking for apology just ignored her/him as if she/he didn't exist. Hopefully, they will solve their issues...ahehhehe!

Our girl was kind of ....ha!

Oh well, who can force that someone to talk if that someone don't feel like. According to Angelina, "Hala ka!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Moment of Truth

I was in the mood of surfing some photos of our one and only produced. It seems like yesterday that I gave birth to her.

It's so amazing and unbelievable how time flies so fast. No holding back, she's a grown up active toddler of ours.

Yesterday, as we drove going to her Pre-K class, she was in tears for not bringing her show and tell object or material.

"You don't have to cry," I calmed her down while driving.

"But, teacher won't be happy with me," her say.

"That's okay, here's your can take this (holding and showing her blanket) for your show and tell," my line of words.

" It can't be Mama, because we have to bring something that starts with letter V," her explanation.

"Well, I know what you gonna do. When it's your turn, just raise your hand and say "Victory!", V is for victory, so problem solved," my respond to her needs.

She was all happy and said, "That's a perfect idea, Mama."

Yeah, they always have show and tell and it's the second time that she forgot to prepare something. I'm sure, she learned from her own mistakes and looking forward with her preparedness alert!