Saturday, May 30, 2009

Need To Run Some Errands

It's Saturday! I just woke up and got my cup of half/half (coffee and milk).

I have some errands to do here and there.

First, need to stop by at the bank before they closed at 12 noon.

Got to go and take a shower now with my girl. Hubby got his eyeball rolling already. There's a lot of things to be done and organized today. He said, he's been working his butt all morning long...wink!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Sky Is The Limit at Flea Market

Today is our schedule to go to the Asian Market with my folks. I called a friend asking if the Viet Hoa Asian Market is already open but sad to say they're not ready for business.

Our next option was supposedly H-Mart but my friend told me that it's way too far and why not take Ma and Pa in the Flea Market if we want vegetables and fruits.

Bingo! I'm glad I called this friend of mine. What a suggestion and idea! It's my folks 2nd year in the Land of Free, thank you, AMERICA! Well, they've never been to the Flea Market yet and today is the day that I took my folks to "Tabo sa Banay" as my own version of of calling this place.

We paid $6.00 total for our entrance fee. So that means, it's $2.00/each. We did a lot of walking end to end of the open space. It was hot indeed as early as 9:00 AM. Good thing, my parents had their hats with them.

We got some good deals from vegetables to fruits. Thats our main goal aside from touring the place for my folks.

Man! The mango was only $5.00 for 20 pieces. I'm not kidding, it's true! At the Flea Market you can bargain as much as you can as long as you don't irritate the salesman or saleslady.

I asked my Ma and Pa what they think of our "Tabo" here.

"Unsa man sad to nga wa may isda tabo man kaha," my Pa's piece.

Whaaaaa! I was laughing so hard and I think it's so cute from the mouth of my very innocent Pa. I even share Pa's sentiments to my Hubby and he was just tickled pink about it.

Anyhow, after our short adventure at the Flea market, we went straight home so I can prepare myself to be at the Preschool by 2:30 PM.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Scissors

Our girl is turning four, right? Time flies...

Anyway, we bought her a tiny scissors so she can cut some of her art works aside from coloring, painting and writing her name. Mind you, she has a lot to complain when it comes to writing.

She said, "My hand is already tired of writing. Why is it that my name is too long?"

Great! Hubby and I got each others looked and hide our smiles.

Well, she's not writing her full name though. She's just learning and start to write halfway of her first name...wink!

She's following a curriculum from Beka and it really helps. She has to do different stuff.

As a mom, watching her doing the different skills in writing, reading, counting numbers, singing, dancing,coloring, drawing and painting: of all, she's fascinated with the last three activities.

There are times, I have to hide her coloring books, painting gears and crayons so I can teach and concentrate on her writing skills. She's very good in writing the capital letters of the alphabet but for the little letters, it's a struggle with her.

Well, if you remember, there should be three lines in the paper. The capital letters start on the first line colored blue and end up on the third line which is color blue again. While the small letter will start in the second line which is color red and end up with the color blue which is the third line.

She's getting it though if I watch her but if I turn my face the other way watching my show, her letters are all over the place.

"I'm sorry, Mama but I try my best," she has to say before I can burst out my sentiments.
Patience, patience, and patience is all I need in dealing a sweet toddler. It's hard to get mad when your child say sorry because she knows she's in trouble.

Good thing, Hubby's there to back me up and he elaborates more with his accurate and precise English.

It's so cute and funny when she woke up in the morning. We see her being excited to do something.

Her she goes, "I have lots of paper works to do."

Oh boy! You want it, you got it!

Back to the scissors, it's so cute to see her with her getting to know effect. We let her cut some papers on her own under our supervision. She has real paper to cut from Beka book like cutting the plates, fork, spoon and table napkin but we put hold to it not until her hands is use to the cutting materials.

She did enjoy her cutting experience but had to say that her fingers are getting sore...lolz!

"I need a break," her honest to goodness verse.

Kids are really fun and I salute to those parents, just like my Ma, who have plenty of kids to take care of. My questioned, "How did they handle it?"

Well, my Ma's case was in the Philippine setting where our culture is totally different compared here.

Over here in the foreign land is a different story. Just watch the Nanny show and Family Swap. What a horrible and terrifying experience. I love kids but my oh my, did you see all those uncontrollable behaviors of the new generations?

Therefore I would say, one active little girl is enough for me. Too bad, Hubby wants more but sad to say I'm done with it and I'm happy of what we have right now, our Angelina for life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hopping on Memorial Day

We're open half of the day at work yesterday. It was just me, the lifeguard and the custodial. No bosses around, except me....ngehhh!

I was supposed to eat lunch with Ate Caroline but Hubby called if we can go out and eat somewhere. Our girl was under the mighty hand of her Grandpa so just the two of us. We had a date at a Mexican Restaurant closed by us. Hubby was craving for a smothered Burrito and his wish was being granted. I just ordered Chicken Quisadilla enough to feed my hungry tummy.

After our lunch, we dropped by at King Soopers and buy some flowers for my MIL's grave. Every Memorial Day, Hubby had to visit the grave of his Mom by Highland Hills Cemetery, off on 104th and Grant. We stayed for a while despite of the rain showers.

We went home and watched TV together. Mama came over and asked a favor if I can put the thread inside the tiny needle so she can sew Angelina's pants that has a hole in between legs. It's a brand new cotton pants and didn't noticed the hole of it.

At 4:00 PM. I left the house so me and Ate Caroline can go shopping. I asked my Ma if she will join with us but she's more than happy to stay home because of the weather.

My friend's house is on the way going to Orchard Mall so, that was easy.
We stopped by at Walgreens first to buy some dishwashing soap that was on sale for .89 cents and a limit of 3 bottles, I guess. Regular price is $1.89 so, I got three bottles and save 3 bucks.

The pink Samon in can were on sale too. So, I grabbed three of them and save 6 bucks from the regular price. As we're about to leave, we saw the Colgate toothpaste for .99 cents. Of course, hindi ko pakakawalan ang pagkakataon. I bought 12 pieces for my Balikbayan box. I told myself not to send one anymore and just give them money but sending one and knowing how excited it is to have a package from a far away land just make them happy. It's the thought that counts...

After Walgreens, we swinged by at K-Mart to buy the kiddy pool for my girl. I thought the $14.99 is a good deal but I was scared to get it thinking it might just end up into one time use only. I mean, quality wise. There was this $19.99 but still I was not convinced. Caroline and I agreed to get the $39.99 and was on sale for $29.99 and ended up paying $32 and something after taxed. Very affordable, huh! My girl don't need a huge pool and besides Hubby reminded me the grass situation. he don't want us to kill our grass because of our inflatable pool. It was kind of cute if you asked me, I mean the kiddy pool. I hide it somewhere and wait for the nice weather to come.

Finally, we made it to Orchard Mall and our faces were happily sorting out sales and clearances at Macy's, Ross and JCPenny. We found some that we like and happy with the amount that we paid. Sale is my happiness in life. I will grab those items that's not on sale if I really, really need it but in general, I like to buy clothings, apparel, and etc when they're all marked down to the lowest price in town. It's just a matter of time, patience and effort to go for it. Life is good!

Yeah, we had a great exercise! We didn't mind the weather and we're just in a hot pursuit with our malling therapy.

By the time we're done, it was already 8:00 PM. Our tummy's giving as a hint that it's time to eat our dinner. Caroline saw the Big Burrito place and I told her that I just went to a Burrito resto for our luch. We looked to the other side and saw Long Jonh's Silver. It's a fast food and no fancy place to be exact. Just like any fast food if you wanna know. We ordered the same menu, grilled salmon, rice and veggies. They were out of veggies though and they gave us a deal of corn in a cob plus coleslaw. Goodness gracious, we just paid $5.99. Cheap ha! Simple life, happy is so, so good!

I got home by 9:00 PM and Hubby was waiting for my arrival in our family room watching COPS. I showed him what I bought. Got you! I just didn't buy for myself but for the whole family. It's like one for you, for you, for you, for you and for me! I like to go window shopping when it's a holiday. I save some bucks and Hubby called me a wise shopper.

Time for me to go and keep myself working here!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Green, Green, Grass of Home

As I pecked in our bathroom window doing my morning routine, I smell the freshness and the crispiness after it was rained out yesterday.

The grasses are getting greener and the Tulip flowers are in bloom.

What a beauty!

Anyway, I was looking with the ads yesterday for the memorial sale and looks like there's some pretty good deal that I can afford to buy that I called "needs". There's some "wants" but I doubt it if I will spend now. I will wait later but I don't put much hope to it...wink!

Well, DP (dear pie) and I were talking a month ago to buy a tiny inflatable pool for our Angelina. When she was two year old, she's been bugging us to get one but we put hold on that matter not until she's old enough.

Now that she's turning four; nine days from now, we therefore conclude to buy her one as a an advance birthday present. I can't wait to see her excitement about the itty bitty pool.

It's not an extraordinary pool, just something for fun that our child can play and get wet in our own backyard. For sure, I'm her lifeguard and always ready in my two piece attire...ho!

Yeah, I can fit in too since I'm not that big to occupy the whole space. Ibigay mo, Baby!

Wish, I can turn back the clock and be with my slimmer look but I'm not getting any younger and the fatty amino acids like to reside and have some fun within me...lolz!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Feel Like Cooking on Saturday

I woke up at 10:00 AM this morning. Amazing... ho! Hubby and Angelina were done eating their breakfast. They didn't bother to wake me up, it's my day off and Dada closed our bedroom door so our girl won't disturb my soundless sleep.

As soon as I woke up, I went downstairs and found my dear family in their couch potato mood watching Curious George. I joined with them in our couch and later went upstairs to checked on Ma and Pa. They were so relaxed and comfy sitting in their chairs watching the TV Patrol.

To be honest, the weather made us all lazy in our abode. We just stayed home and did some kuri-kuri after a while.

I was in the mood to cook some Filipino dishes. It's my turn to call our kitchen my territory. I cooked some "Paksiw na Bangus" with sliced Bitter Melon, Eggplant and some Okra's on top of the fish.

Psst...I still let my Ma did the templa to make my "Paksiw" perfect for our appetite.

While my Paksiw was intently steaming in our garage, I stir-fried some mushrooms, string beans, green squash, spinach with some chicken to it.

I started to cut down some potato leaves for some "atsal na ganas" pickles.

I diced some onions, sliced the red tomatoes and ginger while I was waiting for the water to boil.

My phone rang and it was my friend from Iowa.
We chatted for a while and decided to had a three way conversation with our other friend in Thornton. It was a long conversation enough to make my cellphone dead...lolz! I forgot to charged my toy last night before going to bed. She called back in our landline and I told her about my dead cellphone.

While I was in the kitchen, Hubby was looking what kind of food I was cooking then he was teasing about my talking problem over the phone. Perfect timing for me to get out from the cordless phone...wink! Then he whispered, "Let's have some fun in the kitchen."

He's cooking too and I don't want to drive him away. He cooked three meat cheese omelet and a sauce to it.

Our Angelina joined us. It wasn't my territory anymore... We went out for a little bit to captured some pics with the wet grass.
Suddenly a lightning flashed followed by a roaring thunder...our girl was so scared and decided to stay inside.
While we were partaking our dinner, Angelina said something, "I think we have to stay in a hotel for the night so the scary lightning and thunder won't find us." Whatever got into her mind, I think it was cute. At least she tried and have some concept. We had a short discussion about lightning and thunder while having our dinner. Dada did an undertandable explaination to Angelina.

"I see!" her amazement.

After our simple meal, I started to clean up our table and noticed two of my plants in our dining area are bearing flowers.
They must like the direct exposure to the sunlight. I do love plants and I'm trying hard to let them survive under my care despite of my laziness sometimes to talk with them.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Furlough Day At Work

It's not my usual schedule but have to trade in shift with my co-worker so she can enjoy her three days weekend going somewhere on a road trip.

We're not going anywhere on Memorial weekend, so it's fine with me.

Our beloved City of Northglenn is having two Furlough Days. One falls today and the next one will be in November before Thanksgiving.

So, the City Hall is closed but our recreation is in operations until 1:30 PM. In other words, we're only open half of the day.

We already have some schedule plans here at work before the memorandum was passed on so, someone has to be here to serve the public...wink!

My morning is great! Someone from the Friday Basketball Group have a birthday and they bought some breakfast Burrito at Cafe Mexico. I was surprised when they handed me one Burrito. It was nice of them. It's the thought that counts...


Over this Memorial Day period please remember those who have given for others and those who serve their country in faraway lands.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Girl Is Invited

Remember this little boy named Dell or Gio that Angelina's been talking about?

He's Angelina's classmate in the preschool.

This month I didn't enroll Angelina because of her dental procedure. It's just a waste of money if I enrolled her and she will be missing some days at school.
Last week, Gio and his Mom approached me at the front desk wondering where's our little girl. I told them the situation why she skipped the last session of the Spring class.

"Well, Gio will be having his 4th birthday and he wants Angelina to be on his birthday," Giovanni's Mom said.
She handed me a cute handcrafted "Batman" invitation card.

Wow! Gio and Angelina almost have the same birthday.

For sure, I didn't tell my girl yet that she's invited because I don't want her to be thinking it everyday and she will drive me nuts. Besides, I'm not sure if I will take her or not. Looks like, I will be working on this day.

This is what gonna happen if you have a child socializing in a school. Pretty soon, I will be hearing my girl asking for a sleep over in other people's house. Oh my! this is just the beginning of her milestone . I am known to be a disciplinarian and strict...we will see how things goes as my girl continues her journey. Goodness gracious, I will be having a crown of glory, that means all my hair will be gray because of all the consumisiones of my future teenager...ho! ho! ho!
Have a great evening, My Fellow Bloggers!

Glad Our Neighbor Is Back

We're given the task to watched their house while they were gone for two days.

They have two dogs named Sarah and Louie that we took care off while they're away.

Got you, these two dogs have routines. They are in door cute little puppies. (I called them puppies even though they're old already since they're not growing at all.) It's a kind of dog that stays the same. Don't ask me what kind of breeding because I forgot what they are.

We have to get in their house twice a day to feed and let the doggies out. They like to run around in their backyard with Angelina as their playmates. The reason why our girl wants a dog of her own.

The dog buying depends on me. With due respect, I am a pet lovers but don't want animals running around our house. Oh well, we have a child that is eager to have a puppy, we will see how long I can take it of her pushing me to get one.

"I will be the one to take care of MY DOG," she said.

For the past two days, I guess she was worn out running and chasing with our neighbor's dog.

"I'm tired but I'm having fun with Sarah and Louie," her panting effect.

Now that our next door neighbor is back... she said, "Mama, I can't wait for Toni and James to go somewhere again, so I can have fun playing with their dogs."

I can't believe what she said but she really likes our neighbor's pet.

Our neighbors are fond of our Angelina and she's the new generation that bloom in our neighborhood.

We're a bunch of oldies and it's only our Angelina who's a toddler not until you will go down one block from where we are.

It's our honor and privilege to watch our neighbor's house while they're away from their home.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cosmetics Online Shopping

Budget may be the buzz word these days, but our beauty routine doesn't have to suffer. We just need to reframe it.

Instead of plunking down hard-earned cash for pricey salon, nail and skin care treatments, invest in do it yourself shopping online and have your way of price comparison checked.

Our beauty matters, right? Putting some make up, foundations, blush on, mascara and any great stuff we want to do to ourselves can be found online and for sure great savings kicks in because of many online stores that we can hop in from one place to another without hurting our feet and exerting efforts to it. Just do it yourself!

Amazing how all these product online becomes a boom in the market specially in the cosmetics industry.

With just a click of your mouse, shoppers like you and me can buy nearly any product online. It enables us to shop at thousands of online stores and pay for our purchases without leaving the comfort of our home.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Working on Saturday

If there's an opportunity to work more hours in my workplace, I have to take it. It's not all the time that they need my help during weekends.

With the economic recession, they're freezing to hire someone but it's okay if someone has to exit the company. That means, we loss someone in our work force and we have to fill in some hours. In other words, reinforcement is needed.

I don't want to complain for more hours since I only work part time and I'm more than welcome to work 40 hours to be exact. Saving some extra bucks which is out of the budget is a great feeling. Besides, I don't have to be aggreviated of not seeing my Hubby because he's at home 24/7.There's a lot of us in our family to take care of our Angelina.

Thank goodness that he's retired after what's being transpired. Laid off is everywhere and what he did was a great move in taking the early retirement or he will end up getting nothing from Qwest Communications. His hard work pays!

For sure, he's thinking of getting a secular part time job maybe nexy year when our Angelina's going to school full time. HE said, it's gonna be a boring time for him so might as well go find for an exciting new job. We will see...our life and future depends from Above.

Anyhow, after taking off from work yesterday, the four of us (Ma, Carolina and Leticia) drove to H-Mart to buy some fresh vegetables and fish. Yeah, Ma and I went to POM last Friday but we still want to check out the other store.

Oh my, people everywhere! Ma bought some fish that she likes and the rest of the ladies were all over the place.

For myself, I went to this one stall that have great snacks or cookies for sale. I was munching with my cookies while walking inside the store.

I guess my senior riders were hungry and decided to eat in a Korean restaurant. It was an okay food. I'm not a Korean fanatic, I mean food wise...ahehehe! It was my third time eating in a Korean Restaurant.

We came home by the time the sun sets. We had a great time despite of our long drive.

I gave God the credit for His travelling mercy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What A Busy Friday

If it's my day off, I have to do something fruitful and fun for my family and friends. I keep myself busy doing something.

I woke up early yesterday and did some cleaning and organization inside the house. Hubby's in-charged of the outside with the help of Victor, who mows our lawn every Friday.

For the fact that my Dear Pie need to avoid some heavy load of works. He's dying to do it by himself since he likes yard works but it's not yet the right time for him. We will see...

Anywho, after cleaning our house...I checked my e-mails, friendster messages, diary and OPP.
Voila! I saw three opportunities and just chose one that was easy to think and put my thoughts together. I called my dearest friend in the blogging world and in the lakwatsa time (got you and thank u friendship Ler) for some reinforcement...lolz!

I'm still a newbe in the blogspot and I admit, I'm not that young enough to keep myself busy in tweaking, surfing and learning new stuff in the cyberspace. If I have enough time to sit down with my lappy, what a great feeling and accomplishment would that be but first thing first. Time is gold and my family is my first priority aside from my walk with God.

After having a success in making one OPP and eating our breakfast, Angelina and I got ready for her follow-up check up with her teeth after the procedure. Dr. Jill Decker was very happy to see her back with the great outcome of what she did to Angelina's close up smile. Fingers crossed, her teeth will be preserved until she's 12 years old.

Angelina's dentist is exclusive for children's only hence the name "Young Dentistry for Children."
It's kind of hard in our part since it's out of our network when it comes to our health insurance. My FIL and my husband keep pushing me to take Angelina to the best dentist in town and they got what they want.

For those parents who have children and living in Colorado, there is also this very neat place just for children only and the establishment is in Arvada. It was my first choice supposedly but it's a distance away from where we live. The one that Angelina has is just 7 minutes from our abode. What a great service from the receptionist, billing, hygeniest ( the first time we went there I was surprise because I knew three of them in my Zumba class), and of course the dentists.

Goodness gracious! We just received the bill from the Children's Hospital and you can't just believe how much was the cost of an out-patient surgery. Thanks to our health insurance for paying the said amount. This is just the hospital bill and for the dental, our out of pocket payment was scary too but my FIL took care of it.
Once again, thank you my FIL and above all, I thank our Creator for helping us out to meet our needs. What a great feeling and relief!

My Redeemer lives!

For the continuation of our eventful Friday, check out my other two blogs: and

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Beauty in Spa Uniforms

Are you that person or individual working in the spa field? Do you think it might be the right choice for you?

As the spa industry continues to boom, a growing number of massage therapists are finding spas to be the source of their livelihoods.

The spa industry is fast growing and there are plenty of spa jobs available, from receptionist to massage therapist to spa director.

So, if you have the passion to be in the spa field, for sure you would be looking for luxurious spa uniforms that fits to your wants and likings. I would agree that beauty therapist uniforms will catch and motivate the customers to keep coming back aside from the excellent job that they experience from the works of your healing hands and the ambiance of of the environment.

Therefore I say, if you are looking for salon uniforms or spa uniforms don't hesitate to visit online this affordable website that can answer your needs. Just click the highlighted links and it would take you there to shop for your spa needs.

I already check it out for myself and their stuff are very cool and of course the price is right.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toddler's Activeness

I was surfing in my friend's friendster photos and found some of my girl's dancing move.

I grabbed two of them and posted it here just for my own keepsake in my journal.
Oh well, it's public and you are more than welcome to see, read and follow my everyday undertakings in life.

It's one of my therapies aside from window shopping, outing and having fun with friends and of course bonding with my family.

Pastilan ning ma-busy ta maputol ug kalit ang atong abstract thinking o pagmuni-muni.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spanish Offer Blogvertise

I was checking my supposedly opportunities the other day and I was smiling when one of the offers was to write something in Spanish...aba eh! Maka-Plipino ako at hindi Latina bonita...wink!

Maybe it's time to get some refresher course in Spanish. You think I can do it? Hmmm...I'm too old to start all over again....ahehehe! It's enough for me to learn some few words of the Latina language like cuchara, vintana, cilia, dia and ventilador (apil pa ba ni?.

Back in my college days, I had 6 credits of foreign language, Spanish I and Spanish II. They're all basic Spanish but I was not paying so much attention and just let it go basta lang makapasar. If I just known the fact that I will be living in the foreign land and Spanish is the minor language, kamas unta ko ug learning some straight sentences, thoughts and ideas using Spanish...ho! ho! ho!

If that happens, nyahay dako na unta ko ug kita in my paid blogging world. Sad to say, I don't have much time to think the unthinkable chaotic offers. I don't want to waste my time composing a review or advertisement and at the end it's being rejected because of some issues like grammar, linking and so forth.

Maybe if it's an easy one and I'm familiar with, I sure have to do an article about it if my time allows me to and that opportunity is still waiting for me. Earning some extra income is a joy. It helps to pay our own needs and and wants.

Yeah, I do remember someone buying a sale in the Mall and when the husband found out the amount being taken in the checking, he questioned his wife of the amount she spend. For some reason, they returned the item back to the store. Bummer!

So, I think earning some bucks like paid blogging would ease the pain and agony for our wants. No one will control our earning...lolz! We even have some sleepless nights in doing so. I would say, it's worth it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kambal sa Uma

Isang pambihirang fantaserye na naman na ipinamahagi sa lahat ng televiewers ng TFC sa buong mundo at kapuluan. Napahanga ako sa galing ng talento sa pag-arti ni Rio Locsin bilang isang napakadakilang ina.

Sadyang ipinagkait ng tadhana ang kanilang kapalaran o ano man ang dahilan, pawang napakaskit para sa isang ina ang mawala ang kanyang kambal sa piling niya. Hindi mo talaga maiwasan ang mga masasamang elemento sa mundo na ating kinagagalawan.

Ang pagsasadula ay hindi nakakapanabik kung walang bida at kontrabida kung saan ganyan din sa totoong buhay, di ba?

Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy sa larangan ng pag-arti, walang labis at walang kulang.

Oh, anong say mo d'yan? Sige humataw ka na sa tag-araw at huwag kaligtaan ang manood sa mga nag-uumapaw na mga kwentong kababalaghan, nakakatawa at nakakaiyak hatid sa inyo ng kapamilya Dos!

Kung mabigyan man ako ng pagkakataon na makauwi sa aking Inang bayan, kung saan wala pa naman kaming mga haka-haka o plano na nabuo...gusto kong makita ang tunay na mga galaw ng Wowowee. Ayon, mga simpleng pangarap lang sa buhay ang makisabay sa kasayahan sa Dos.

Kapag TFC subscribers, madali ka lang makapasok sa palatuntunan nila at ikaw ang bigatin, 'yon ang sabi ng kaibigan ko...ahe!he! (Napakakimi ng tawa ko ha hindi parang sinaniban ni Satanas. Hala ka, baka tubuan ka n'yan ng sungay o baka umusbong na nga sa magkabilang panig ng iyong ulo...nakakalungkot isipin.)

Sige na nga at medyo may kahabaan na ang nilalaman ng aking pagsasalaysay.

Bilib ako sa galing ng Pinoy!

Ang inyong lingkod

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Awit Kay Inay

Awit Kay Inay - Carol Banawa
Title: Awit Kay Inay
Artist: Carol Banawa

May hihigit pa ba sa isang katulad mo
Inang mapagmahal na totoo
Lahat nang buti ay naroon sa puso
Buhay man ay handang ialay mo
Walang inang matitiis ang isang anak
Ika’y dakila at higit ka sa lahat

Ang awit na ito ay alay ko sa iyo
Ang himig at titik ay pag-ibig sa puso ko
Ika’y nagiisa Ikaw lang sa mundo
Angmay pusong wagas ganyan ang tulad mo

Lahat ibibigay lahat gagawin mo
Ganyan lagi ikaw sa anak mo
Lahat nang buti nya ang laging hangad mo
Patawad ay lagi sa puso mo….

Walang inang matitiis ang isang anak
Ika’y dakila at higit ka sa lahat

Ang awit na ito
Ay alay ko sa iyo
Ang himig at titik ay pag-ibig sa puso ko
Ikay nag-iisa ikaw lang sa mundo
Ang may pusong wagas ganyan ang tulad mo

Friday, May 8, 2009

Before I Was Myself, You Made Me, Me

Before I was myself you made me, me
With love and patience, discipline and tears,
Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free,

Allowing me to sail upon my sea,
Though well within the headlands of your fears.
Before I was myself you made me, me

With dreams enough of what I was to be
And hopes that would be sculpted by the years,
Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free,

Relinquishing your powers gradually
To let me shape myself among my peers.
Before I was myself you made me, me,

And being good and wise, you gracefully
As dancers when the last sweet cadence nears
Bit by bit stepped back to set me free.

For love inspires learning naturally:
The mind assents to what the heart reveres.
And so it was through love you made me, me
By slowly stepping back to set me free.

What MOTHER's Mean
M is for the miracle of Being.
O is for its origin in love.
is for the tenderness of seeing.
H is for a home no wind can move.
E is for the ecstasy of living.
R is for the recklessness of giving.

Also, Happy Mothers' Day to all the Mothers' in the whole wide world and to those soon to be a MAMA.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teachers' Appreciation Week

This week! Thanks to Mrs.Marsha who works for the Adams 12 who told us yesterday. Well, I was off last Monday and didn't keep in touch with my fellow mentors.

AS we were watching the kiddos yesterday, she informed us about free food from certain fast food chains and restaurants as long as we have to show our badge or ID.

I can be free eating all week hopping from one restaurant to another....(katawa sad mo diha ba, lolz!) It's another privilege thingy to be exact.

We will see where we gonna go tonight after we take off from school.

Our Director forgot about it and good thing Marsha is always there to remind those FREE and FREE all together.

This coming Friday, we will be celebrating Mothers' Day. We will be having some refreshments and for sure it's not Filipino delicacies...ahehehhe!

I'm just loving my world where I belong. Even though I don't have a perfect life (which everyone can't have...pikat nimo if maghinambog nga perfect, mag-Safeguard for konsensya)but I'm enjoying every minute of my life and some gloomy days to make my life colorful.

Have a great WEDNESDAY!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank You Blogvertise

This blog of mine has given the privilege to go monetize but the author don't have much time to stay and concentrate with all the OPP being given.

I did declined some offer and hoping that I have some left when I have a lousy time. I doubt it! Declining an offer is very generous so other people can avail them. It's just a matter of sharing the blessings in life.

Goodluck to me if I can make once a day or more than that...lolz! We will see...

Once again, thank you Blogvertise and just keep the offer pouring everyday. Promised, on of these days I can make it to the best of my knowledge.

I relate the responsibility to my Dear Pie but to no effect. He'd rather trade in than what we called the paid blogging. As usual, he said that he will pay me of what I missed in the blogging world or quit my on call job. Actually, he's siding just a tidbit of my preschool job and never ever like my blogworld. According to him, I am physically at home but mentally in the other world...lolz!

For sure, if I have time to concentrate without any interruption, I want to grab those opportunities.

Now my time is up and need to attend my child's need. According to the TFC advertisement, Life is hard parang bato...wink! Just take it positively and look forward!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Life of an All Around Mom

"Jack of all trades, master of none!"

I'm loving my life and I'm thankful of what I have. I asked something from God and He gave me more than enough of what I want. Isn't it wonderful? It's true, the joy of the Lord is my strength. I can't thank Him enough.

Although problems arise every now and then but I have to understand it's part of how strong my faith in Him. Trials and tribulations are spices in life to be a part of God's family. It's a challenge on how strong we are in our faith to Him. God has a purpose and everything on earth is under His control. Live life to the fullest!

Without much ado, yesterday....I worked all day with the kiddos at the Preschool and Daycare. We had Chicken Strips for lunch from Dairy Queen hence it's Friday and they can have hot lunch.

By 2:15 PM, I had to leave my work for Angelina's Pre-op physical exam from our family doctor. Her teeth needs to be corrected and the dental doctor wants it to be done at one time so Angelina won't have any trauma in the future. It's the best I guess instead of bringing her every month until everything is done. I met my girl and our Dada at the clinic.

After the said appointment, I went back to work and had a movie time with the kids.
I'm glad, I got a job that has a very flexible schedule. We can get out if we have necessary appointments or errands to go to. I'm not earning that much but I sure have fun and so with my little girl.

At the close of the day (6:30 PM) , the four us (Mentors) plan to shop at Albertson. Once again, Marsha told us that Mangoes are on sale 3 for a dollar. I didn't join the fun and decided to go home to be with my family. I dropped by at Boston Market to buy some family dinner then went straight to our abode.

As I was pulling in the driveway, I noticed the fresh and newly mowed lawn. I closed our garage door and headed to our backdoor. Hubby was outside taking some fresh air while waiting for my arrival. As soon as he saw me, he got up and kissed me tenderly and gave me a tight hug. Everything took place in our backyard. He looked at me and commented, "Wow! my Zima is back."

What he's trying to say is my Maria Clara looked, the conservative type of girl kunohay which is true sometimes. I need to get out from my shell if I want to but in general, I am one of those Amish girls. My hubby wants me to be sexy when I'm around with him. Here's the photo that he took last night. At my on call job, it's mandatory to wear skirt all the time. It's below the knee skirt and no skimpy one. T-shirt with a skirt is acceptable as long as no Jeans, no sleeveless and no cleavage showing. I got the job that fits my taste...lolz! There's nothing wrong to be decent, right? I have no right to attract men since I am whole-heartedly taken by my MAN, full of romance and love...Char as in! It's just my own point of view in life. Every individual is different and unique and so be it. You can't changed someone's liking...

Anyway, after staying for a little bit in our backyard,under the drizzle of the rain...we started our Boston Market dinner inside the house. It was a great dinner for the whole family.

On the other hand, last Wednesday... a friend who moved to Idaho was in town with her family. They visited at home and had a quick chika2x since we had to be in another friend's house to have an instant dinner. We had a great dinner indeed! We have so many story to tell but a very short of time. We all bade Adios and went our separate ways to be with our family.

To Gina, thank you for the food and the laughter.

Right here at the moment, I'm at work so I can take Monday off for my girl's procedure at Children's Hospital. If time permits, I will have to go to a birthday party that will happen this afternoon. Last but the least is to watch the boxing for the season exclusive for our family.

To my friends, we're not greedy or selfish in doing this. There's a reason, why we don't want to join the fun as a group or invite anyone else to our house. It's not a perfect timing for my two buddies to be in a crowd or group of people. Rest assure, after all the ordeal life can be so easy. Hopefully, I can go out with my Ma and Pa but if it's for my Hubby's liking, I have to decide not to go because I don't want to break his heart. For those occasions that he don't like to go, I am more than willing to enjoy and never feel guilty in doing so. That's how I care and love my Dear Pie. The essence of LOVE!

Oh! Oh! It's getting busy to go, did I just tell you how busy I am? Winky doo and baboo!